Women of Westport Point

The isolated cluster of houses at the end of Main Road has been home to whaling captains, fishermen, and farmers. Their names are recorded on the plaques that adorn each house. But, the Point was also home to their wives, mothers, and daughters. Moreover, in the 20th century, it attracted some remarkable female artists, writers, and unusual characters. This project seeks to unfurl their life stories, which are so closely tied to houses that line Main Road at Westport Point.

We would like to know more about the following women. We are seeking biographical information, photographs or associated documents. This list is a work-in-progress. If you have suggestions for additional women who lived at Westport Point, please let us know. 

Profiles of individual women can be viewed at this link:


Women of Westport Point

Alphabetical list

First NameLast NameStreet Address
LauraAllenLaura’s Restaurant?
ChristinaAllen2031 Main Road
AddieBaker1967 Main Road
MercyBaker1998 Main Road
AberdeenBall1933 Main
EnellaBenedict1885B Main Road
RachelBrightman2044 Main Road
LauraBrightman1892 Main Road
LorindaBrightman1892 Main Road
JuliaBrightman1892 Main Road
GlendaBroadbent1779 Main Road 
MaryBrown 1603 Main, 2001 Main Road
EdithBrownell2009 Main Road
ClaraBuffum15 Cape Bial Lane
Ruth(y)Cadman2032 Main Road
BernadettaCarter2043 Main???
SuzanneCarter2043 Main Road
LoisChandler1953 Main Road
Phoebe Chardon1838 Drift
CarolynCody1977-79 Main Road
AmberColumbia1977-79 Main Road
GeorgiannaCodin1980 Main
CresildaCory2042 Main
KateCory2039 Main Road
DorothyCurtis1813 Main Road +++++
SarahDelano1838 Drift.  do in next bunch?
MarionDwelly2028 Main Road; bought in 1909
HelenEllis1874 Main Road; bought in 1915
AliceEsser1834 Main Road
NancyFennCape Bial Lane
CharlotteFitch24 Cape Bial Lane
RoseFrisch46 Cape Bial Lane
AdelaideGifford1875 Main Road
MayGifford21 Valentine Lane
JanetGrindley1935 Main
KatherineHallScotch Pine Lane, 1871 Main Road
JeanieHallScotch Pine Lane
SusanHarrer2040 Main; also Pine Hill Road
EmilyHarris2033 Main Rd
LydiaHowland2041 Main Road
RebeccaHowland2041 Main Road
BerthaJohnson2037 Main Road
EvelynJudson1809 Main (in 1950)
NormaJudson1853 Main
 Kelsey31 Cape Bial Lane
BarbaraKoenitzer1953 Main
Priscilla “Pril”LawrenceLawrence Avenue
LizzieLees2065 Main
OllieLeipmanCape Bial Lane
HelenLoring2004 Main Road 
GraceLeValley1892 Main Road; bought in 1958; 2018 Main in 1926to1984.
JessieLuther15 and 21 Cape Bial Lane
AltheaManchester1700 Main
ClementineManchester2023 Main???
EmilyManchester1942 Main Road
BlanchePaull1846 Main
LuciaPaull1853-1856 Main
RosamondPierce1874 Main 
MarionPineau1972, 1974-76 Main;2042 Main
KatherinePreston3 Windward Way;1878 B Main
MillyReisPaquachuick Inn; bought 1875 Main 1986
PaulineRing21 Cape Bial
Marjorie (or Margaret)Robb1878 Main Road
MinnieRobbins1853 Main
SandraRockefeller2034 Main Road
Ludmila Rockwell1678 Main Road
GinnyShannon1935 Main
HarrietSheldonVarious houses.  Many in Point
LoisSlocum2011 Main Road
BlancheSouthard1789, 1789A, B Main
EdithSouthard1789, 1789A, B Main
MarySowle2023 Main Road 
MarySowle,1875-77 Main; inherited from Harry Sowle
KatySzal1720 Main Road
AnnSpicer8 Cape Bial Lane
MinnieStevens1838 Main
AlmiraTripp2033 Main Road  
HelenTaber1950 Drift Road
ElizabethTripp1958 Main Road
HelenTripp1942 Drift??? 
RosalindWadsworth1959 Main 
ImogeneWeeks1945 Main Road
DorothyWertz2002 Main Road
HelenWilkinson2032 Main Road
JeanYeomans1711 and 1715 Main
AnneYeomanssame as Jean