Sarah Pamelia Perry Tripp (1913 – 2001) 


Sarah Pamelia Perry Tripp (1913 – 2001) 

1903-1905 Main Road, Westport Point 

Generous and hard-working 


A remembrance by Richard Tripp 


I know Sarah was not great and influential in spectacular ways, but she was almost pioneer-like to me, always gentle, giving, wise, and strong.  

Sarah Pamelia Perry was born in 1913 to Mary (Sisson) and John Perry on the family farm on Drift Road at the end of Charlotte White Road.  She was one of nine children.  Her brothers were Henry, Alden, and Sanford; her sisters were Marjorie Kirby, Ruth Waite, Elizabeth Luce, and Gertrude and Phyllis Briggs. 

Sarah married James Alden Manchester of Westport Point and they ran a poultry farm on the Manchester property on Main Road.  They began building their house across from the Methodist church doing all the building themselves and living in a tent on the property during good weather.  Tragically Red, as he was known by friends, died young at the age of thirty-six, however Sarah persevered and continued caring for the chickens, delivering eggs on her route, and making delicious chicken pies which were available for purchase from a freezer in her kitchen entryway when she was not home or out doing chores. 

In the late 1960’s Sarah married Albion Tripp and they converted some of the chicken houses to guest cottages with views of the west branch of the Westport River. 

Sarah was much-loved by her family, friends, and neighbors. She was a quiet, generous, hard-working woman who cared for her garden and enjoyed birding.  She celebrated life, never letting any difficulty stand in her way.  Her interests were keen and her smile genuine and warm.