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Duclos Family and Resolute Ferry Trial Run

A long established reputable Shipyard, Gladding-Hearn, grew from Wooden boats to the latest technology building Steel and now Aluminum high speed large passenger volume Vessels under the dedicated ownership of the Duclos Family. Detailed history and workings of this Company give in depth insight into the operations.

Dog Grooming. Westport Matters

Young Couple take up on site Gog Grooming after the husband gets injured in a cement construction accident and has to find work that is more tolerant of his injuries.

Buzzards Bay Brewing

Local Brewery operations dedicated to specialty Beers. Video deals with management, equipment and personnel to keep this concern going.

Mr C. Rocking Horses

Gray’s Grist Mill Little–Compton RI

Antique Gristmill formerly driven by water power from histocic Adamsville Pond continues to grind Flint corn for corn meal of long ago still used for Johnnycakes and other baked specialties. Until recent times Eels and Johnnycakes, an old Yankee favorite were available at some local restaurant. A scarcity of American Eels and a change in popular taste has made this dish hard to find.

Hydroponic Lettuce

The determined efforts of this ambitious Westport start-up enterprise were later thwarted by the advent of the NAFTA treaty, which brought lo- cost products enabled by Canadian cheap electricity to giant greenhouse operations.

Northern Wind Fish Processors

Look into the details of a working Fish, Shellfish and Scallops processing Plant.Michael Fernandes, Westport Resident outlines the steps from the Fishing vessels tp market. This is Part 1.

Lobstering on the Adrien-Rose

Small scale family Lobstering Business.

Butler’s donuts

A successful family business started in 1955 by the Butlers, a young family, After the Butlers retired in 1980 the business was owned by Alex Kugler and his wife. The business was terminated After passing thru a couple of different owners, about 2010.
See an addendum on this episode about a visit with the retired Butlers in November/ December 2007.

Butler’s donuts addendum

Addition to original Butler video. Found some 2007 materials after Butlers had retired from 25 Years in the business.