Westport Matters Fishing

Commercial fishing episodes: large commercial New-Bedford Vessels and more modest Westport Operations. From Shellfish transplanting to Deep Sea Scalloping.


Marci-Ann Gill Netting

Westport Matters. No. 76A, 2-21-97. Frigid winter Gill net Fishing trip on the Westport Fishing Vessel Marci-Ann.

Lees Wharf Lobster

Fish and Shellfish dealer and market..Situated in the busy Westport commercial fishing docks complex.

Spear Swordfishing

Spearing is reserved for mature Fish as opposed to long line fishing which is indiscriminate of size. Decimating juveniles and yielding poorer quality meats due to the fish having hung on the line sometimes for long periods after they have died. Long lines are also more prone to Shark damage.
This video originates from a fledgling studio at Westport High School. So the quality is somewhat wanting. However its the only copy available. Westport Matters videos are unfiltered and were recorded as targets of opportunity without elaborate staging, commercial equipment and trained crew.

So Watuppa Pond Water Monitoring

Volunteers and local experts join forces to monitor important factors associated with the Health of a large Water Body.

So. Ea. Shellfish Association

Volunteers dedicated to improving Westport’s Shellfih harvest. Shows the dedication of a self funded experimental “Shellfish Shack” to initiate a Shellfish breeding program.

Northern Wind Fish Processors

Look into the details of a working Fish, Shellfish and Scallops processing Plant.Michael Fernandes, Westport Resident outlines the steps from the Fishing vessels tp market.

Northern Wind Fish Processing Part 2

Detailed tour of the complex workings and organization involved in processing seafoods for Market.

Lobstering on the Adrien-Rose

Small scale family Lobstering Business.

FV Tropicco Net Dragging Operations

Captain Tom Lees and Crew take us along for a net dragging commercial fishing trip on board New-Bedford FV Tropicco.

Quahog Relay

Depuration (pollution clean up) of Quahogs in the Westport River starts with dredging of the contaminated shellfish from the Taunton River and re-seeding them in Westport for later harvesting.

Deep Sea Scalloping

Captain Tom Lees narrates as he and his crew take us aboard the New-Bedford FV Tropicco for a Sea Scallpo harvest trip.