Westport Matters Fraternal organizations

Groups that represent select memberships

Rachel Gelinas. Missionary

Prize Rabbits 8-9-02 . No. 210 of Westport matters

Breeding and Raising prize rabbits. A local specialty Farmer describes the labors and intricacies of breeding and raising championship Prize Rabbits.

St-Vincent’s home controversial proposal.

This facility proposal for troubled youths caused concerns with neighbors and others. Its eventual operation proved most concerns to be overly apprehensive.
The program was relatively short lived and the St-Vincent has been unoccupied for many years.
This video was filmed in the then Charter studio. Therefore the video quality is lacking. Small screen viewing helps in this situation.

Noquochoke Lodge Mason BBQ and Clambake.

Westport Masonic Lodge fund raisers; Chicken BBQ, and good old fashioned Clambake. Members talk about masonic membership and show the intricate details of cooking these delicacies.
Small screen is better viewing. Video transfer from tape to discs and/or files using the economically feasible equipment available at the time deteriorated the videos. This series is the only available wide ranging historic snapshots of Westport life at the turn of the millennium.

So.Ea.Shellfish Association.

Volunteers dedicated to improving Westport’s Shellfih harvest. Shows the dedication of a self funded experimental “Shellfish Shack” to initiate a Shellfish breeding program.

Paintings of Westport Artist Mary Hicks Brown.

Detailed Look and details of this artist’s beautiful Works

Long existing Westport Women’s Club

Discussion with members about the goals benefits and Club contributions to the community.

Westport Veterans at American Legion Post

American Legion and VFW Representatives including Westport’s last Pearl Harbor veteran, Manny Martin discuss Veteran’s Affairs.

Salvation Army. Fall-River MA

Director of the Local Chapter and assistant discuss the programs to help those in need. “Sally Ann” has a long history of helping people whose lives were destroyed or heavily impacted by uncontrollable events.

Salvation Army’s Gentle Arms

Work and dedication of Salvation Army Fall-River Chapter home for Battered Women is explained by the Director and Local Captain.

Westport Historical Society Director Lincoln Tripp

Westport Historical Society, Housed in a unique two room School house of the 18 and 1900’s. Continues gathering of artifacts and historical documentation under Lincoln’s leadership. Lincoln is of old Yankee decent of Myriad Westport generations.

Citizens for a Clean River. Westport Matters

Advocacy group describes the reasons and their plans to promote pollution clean-up of the Westport Rivers.

So.Ea. Shellfish Asso. 2.

Volunteer Group of experienced commercial Fishermen dedicate efforts and resources to improving the Shellfish resources of the Westport Rivers.

Westport VFW 50th Anniversary

Two WWII Veterans discuss the founding, progress and status of this local VFW chapter, since its 1948 inception.