The Handy House was largely occupied throughout its history by common folks, who, save for the passage of time, could have easily been neighbors of ours today as they were to others in the past. And while a great many of the names of individuals who once lived in and shaped the history of Westport have vanished, those we will encounter in the Handy House have not, thanks to the common thread that unites them, the house at the corner of Hix Bridge Road and Drift Road. The events of their lives parallel those of ours: raising families, earning a livelihood, enduring hardships, and, in short, carrying on with everyday life. This is the thread we share with them.


There are ghosts in every part of the Handy House, but not of the supernatural kind. These are ghost marks of previous structures and architectural features, symbols of previous lives and occupants of the house and clues to the evolution of the building.


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