Westport Matters Antiques



Antique Structures

Pete narrates the details, materials and techniques involved in construction of Antique structures; Houses and other buildings.

Antique Factory House

Historic industrial Center “Head of Westport’ (MA). representative home of the period.

Antique One Lung-er

Bill’s collection is one of the best for variety and types of engines that were used to power our society at the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Antique Gristmill

Antique Gristmill formerly driven by water power from historic Adamsville Pond continues to grind Flint corn for corn meal of long ago still used for Johnnycakes and other baked specialties. Until recent times Eels and Johnnycakes, an old Yankee favorite were available at some local restaurant. A scarcity of American Eels and a change in popular taste has made this dish hard to find.