Westport Covid-19 Community Diary

Toilet paper supplies dwindle at Lees Market, March 2020 Photo by Everything Westport

Westport Covid-19 Community Diary is an effort to create a primary source for the future. This is a momentous time as we witness history in the making. Our goal is to capture the moment from a local and personal perspective. We ask that you volunteer to document your own experiences through journaling, photography, video, art, poetry, or by saving newspaper clippings, or any local coronavirus-related literature.

  • You can keep your own journal and submit it to the historical society in a few months.
  • Or please take a moment to complete this short survey
  • Or please use the following questions as a guide and create your own journal entry for our archive. You can mail your response to Westport Historical Society, PO BOX N188, Westport MA 02790 or send by email [email protected]

Please use these questions as a guide. You do not have answer all questions: 

 1. In your words, please can you tell us a little about yourself (name, age, profession), your immediate family living with you and what your life was like prior to Covid-19? 


2. Can you describe how your personal situation has changed since the Covid-19 crisis hit our world? Do you remember the day when you realized everything was different? 


3. What does a typical day look like for you now, today on the day you are writing these words?  


4. How do you and the people in your household cope with fears and anxiety? How do you help your children? Please give examples of activities and coping mechanisms that have become meaningful to you.  


5. How is the community in which you live dealing with this crisis?  What is happening in your community that is giving you hope for our future? What is making you feel positive? 


6. What do you think this  crisis will change about our world, both for the worse and – more importantly – for the better? 


7. What message would you like to send to the world twenty years from now about this time and place?  


If you can, please send a photo that captures something about your life in the Covid-19 crisis: it may be a simple, everyday item or the view of your garden. Include brief description of your photo.  

Please submit this to Westport Historical Society, PO BOX N188, Westport MA 02790 or by email [email protected]