Westport Matters Business

The initiative and work that make a successful small business.

AJ Potter & Sons Part 1

Long time Family business origins members, equipment and day to day workings are discussed with Mrs Agnes Potter ( June 1929-September 2013) and one of the sons Lenny.
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AJ Potter & Sons Part 2&3

Westport Family business that mines, fabricates, delivers and installs construction material. Excavates, constructs Roads, repairs and constructs Septic Systems. In summary serves the needs of our society.

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Part 2 -Screening site. Part 3 -Potter business Headquarters; Equipment and repair operations.

A J Potter & Sons. Parts 4 and 5

More on actual sites, equipment, people doing daily activities.
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Country Cottage, Curios and Gifts store

Details of a thriving small business.

Tripp’s Boat Yard a Westport Institution

This generational thriving family business provides Marina services of all kinds to myriad Boaters.

Mid-City Steel and Scrap Metals

Discussion about the founding, growth, people and operations of a business that serves an important function in our society. This business is on the site of a former major local Slaughterhouse that used to service the large farming industry of its day. Ir ceased operation during the late 1940’s.

Launch Of High Speed Ferry Resolute

Gladding -Hearn Shipyard in Somerset MA. Designs, Builds, Repairs and Tests High Speed ferries as well as a wide variety of work and pleasure Boats. The Duclos family are long time owners of this successful business. We will cover some of the High Speed qualifying runs of this Ferry.

Bill and Edna Pierce

Life long residents: Bill National league baseball pitcher whose career was cut short by injuries suffered during as a WWII soldier, Westport farmer, Former Town Deputy Chief of Police, operator of Blueberry Hill Farm.1921-2009
Edna: Of the Dartmouth Slocum family whose ancestor Joshua sailed around the world alone during the late 1800’s (voyages of the Spray) and wrote a still available fascinating book. Edna had a career in the postal service. They raised two sons, one was Town Police chief, the other a semi pro baseball pitcher who now operates the blueberry farm. 1923-2005

Cormier Movers Storage. Westport Matters No. 103, 6-21-1998

A local family branches out to the Self-Storage business. The owner fills us in on the details of the setting up and the day to day operations.

Ann Chandanais and Gloria Chester

Life long residents talk about their lives and remarkable events that affected local and national societies.