Winds of Change: Westport’s Hurricanes Revisited

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Today’s coastal development along with hurricane amnesia places modern man on a collision course with catastrophe if the lessons of history are ignored.”

Max Mayfield, Director, National Hurricane Center

This exhibition examines the impact of four category three hurricanes that have swept across Westport.

August 26th 1635 (Great Colonial Hurricane)

September 23rd 1815 (The Great September Gale)

September 21st 1938 (Long Island Express)

August 31st 1954 (Hurricane Carol)

As memory of these events begins to fade, and as scientists continue to debate the implications of global warming, this exhibition aims to rekindle a healthy respect and awareness of potential effects of hurricanes.

Hurricane 1635, 1815

Hurricane of 1938

Hurricane of 1954