Westport Memories

A special collection of pictures and words

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The photographs and related information in this collection were first exhibited at the Bell School in September 2003 by the Westport Historical Society. The images come from postcards from the collection of Al Lees Jr. Bette and Jack DeVeuve composed the captions.

The exhibit could not have taken place without the generosity of Mr. Lees and the interest, energy and dedication of the Deveuves. Bette and Jack have also seen to the placing of the pictures and captions on this web site. We are grateful to them for doing this, and happy that residents of Westport (and the world) can now enjoy these wonderful pictures of days past in Westport.

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1. The exhibit is divided into Albums by subject matter. Click on an album title at right to see “thumbnails” of all the images in that album.

2. Use the “search” box found in the upper right of each page to look for specific photos. This searches the text associated with each photo, so it serves as a general guide. For example, if you searched for the text “Hix Bridge” you would find pictures of the bridge, but also any pictures where the text beneath them mentions Hix Bridge, such as a picture of the Handy House.