Westport Matters Forestry

White, Ledoux Forest improvement and Woodcutting

Harvesting and processing wood products. Child Labor.

Small scale woodcutting and Forest improvement practice, combining; sustainable forest, wildlife habitat and use of Wood byproducts for lumber and heat.
Wood is carbon neutral and does not add to the carbon footprint.

Antique Shingle Mill 2

“A Quiet Place”

A Local couple tends the land and cares for saplings and grown trees of various ages for sale of Prize Christmas Trees.

Wood processor 2

Homemade Wood Processor. Assembled from used equipment and salvaged metals. A part time labor of about two months by two long time friends; a Mayflower Yankee and French Canuck immigrant of 51 years. Child labor is used (ice cream payments) in this first shake down of the Processor.

MA Forester on Coverts Program. Environmental initiative.

State Forester David Kitredge talks about the contents and applications of this long standing program.

Westport MA Wildlife

Short intros from full features.

Lees Meteorological Wind Research Tower

Research into Wind Power availability for costly High Power Wind Turbine possibilities under consideration by Al Lees of Lees Supermarket.