Businesses Page 2

Seaboats and Barges.

Ron Church and Family continue a waterways transportation tradition dating back to his family Pilgrim heritage.

Old Time Milkman Al Fontaine

A friend since our teenage years, now about 80 years old, Al is still continuing his life long profession dispensing the products of the Hood Milk company.

Building Stone Walls 2

Brian Guimond and co. talk about and demonstrate the art and work of building Stone Walls.

Triple S Farm 2

Raising organic Grass Fed Beef is a newer style of Westport Farming

Ray Cambra Small Engines Repair

Ray discusses details of keeping power Equipment repaired and running.

Spinnaker Publications

New Bedford publishing Company specializes in Historical documentation, Books, Tapes, pictures and lectures.

Westport Point Store. Westport

Historic Westport Point Store has evolved over the centuries and continues to provide valuable services in modern times.

Ray Bothelho Landscape Supplies

Finding, Gathering, processing, Shaping, Cutting Stone, Delivering and Setting up Stone gardens and Landscaping arrangements. Detailed discussion and demonstration.

Developers on Westport Development

Two Major Westport developers talk about the intricacies involved in; Planning, permitting, construction of roads and drainage, Dwellings details and marketing. As well as limiting factors that prevent use of better conservation measures.