Westport Matters People and their lives

Stories of people-residents

Rachel Gelinas. Missionary

Holder White Homestead

Historic Homestead at the Head of Westport is explored in depth with the last family owner prior to the sale of the property.

Bill and Edna Pierce

Life long residents: Bill National league baseball pitcher whose career was cut short by injuries suffered during as a WWII soldier, Westport farmer, Former Town Deputy Chief of Police, operator of Blueberry Hill Farm.1921-2009
Edna: Of the Dartmouth Slocum family whose ancestor Joshua sailed around the world alone during the late 1800’s (voyages of the Spray) and wrote a still available fascinating book. Edna had a career in the postal service. They raised two sons, one was Town Police chief, the other a semi pro baseball pitcher who now operates the blueberry farm. 1923-2005

Cormier Movers Storage

A local family branches out to the Self-Storage business. The owner fills us in on the details of the setting up and the day to day operations.

Ann Chandanais and Gloria Chester

Life long residents talk about their lives and remarkable events that affected local and national societies.

Roger and Gina Chandanais

Roger and Gina discuss the construction and use garage modifications to build a studio for Gina’s Dance lesson classes.

Dr. Fradkin Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer radiation treatment is explained and demonstrated at Fall—River’s St-Annes Hospital.

Old Time Milkman Al Fontaine

A friend since our teenage years, now about 80 years old, Al is still continuing his life long profession dispensing the products of the Hood Milk company.

So.Ea. Shellfish Asso. 2

Volunteer Group of experienced commercial Fishermen dedicate efforts and resources to improving the Shellfish resources of the Westport Rivers.

Citizens for a Clean River

Advocacy group describes the reasons and their plans to promote pollution clean-up of the Westport Rivers.

Grace DeAndrade Town Nurse

Long retired former Town Nurse describes her duties and responsibilities during a career that started in mid 20th century.

Leo and Diane Chabot

Life and times of WWII veteran, barber, family, public affair, Leo’s tenure on the local Board of Public Welfare.

Korean War Vet. Roland Gendron

Roland is only a few years older than I am. He was my Platoon Sargent at Camp Lejeune in 1952 after having returned from Korea. Roland participated in one of the major operations of the Korean war: the Inchon landing and the Chosin Reservoir retreat during the brutal North Korean, Siberian driven winter. His experiences document the hardships of USMC and other military services.
He kept this 17 year old Canuck immigrant farmer out of trouble.I did not become a US Citizen until many years later when I had returned to civilian life.

Brad Lopes Heart Transplant recipient

Brad describes the trials and success of heart transplant technology. Effect on his life and the benefits of continuing life with his family.

Ray Reykert WWII Veteran

Talk about life and war experiences and memorabilia collection.

Salvation Army’s Gentle Arms

Work and dedication of Salvation Army Fall-River Chapter home for Battered Women is explained by the Director and Local Captain.

Fall-River Mayor Ed Lambert

Mayor Lambert was Westport MA State Representative for multiple terms. His Mayoral duties for a neighbor city still affect Westport’s welfare.

Westport Historical Society Director Lincoln Tripp

Westport Historical Society, Housed in a unique two room School house of the 18 and 1900’s. Continues gathering of artifacts and historical documentation under Lincoln’s leadership. Lincoln is of old Yankee decent of Myriad Westport generations.