Westport Matters Farming

Canadian agriculture and Quarrying QC

Grain farming and Maple sugaring on a 1300 acre Farm in the Richelieu River Plain. Another part of this video is documenting of the workings of a Giant Quarry in St- Zothique QC.

Triple S Farm 2. Raising Grass Fed Beef

Raising organic Grass Fed Beef is a newer style of Westport Farming

Farming Scottish Highland Cattle

Details of farming and breeding an exotic, rugged, large horned breed of Scottish Cattle.

Antique Shingle Mill 2

“A Quiet Place”

A Local couple tends the land and cares for saplings and grown trees of various ages for sale of Prize Christmas Trees

Wood processor 2

Homemade Wood Processor. Assembled from used equipment and salvaged metals. A part time labor of about two months by two long time friends; a Mayflower Yankee and French Canuck immigrant of 51 years. Child labor is used (ice cream payments) in this first shake down of the Processor.

Plowing contest and John Silvia Memorial

Friendly Plowing contest between two life long Farmer Friends. Modern vs older implements and the eternal merits of Oliver over John-Deere equipment.

Noquochoke Orchard

A family operation over 100 years old continues to work, manage, improve and research of new techniques and apple varieties.

Canadian Agriculture and Farmers Market

More of the seasonal works of the 1300 Acre Farm and the exemplary Drummondville Farmers. Market. I remember myself and younger siblings trailing my Mother on her bi-weekly foods gathering in this market.

Noquochoke Orchards

This multi generational business is operated by George Smith, third generation who is passing on the skills of Orchard care and nurture to his progeny.

Ernie Waite Part 1

Ernie represents the end of a local era, the last WORKING Yankee farmer of his generation (1918-2013). His tenacity was evidenced by his overcoming the loss of a lower leg in accidental injury as a Young man. He went on to raise a family, Farming, work with draft and pleasure horses, operate a sawmill, run a welding shop and repair garage.
His concerns for the land and animal husbandry helped insure a life of self- sufficiency.

Ernie Waite Part 2

Continuation of Ernie’s life experiences (1918-2013) and the tenacity and grit of his generation. There was simply too much to cover in one episode.

Ernie Waite Part 3.Sawmill operations and pig farm activities

Ernie was born in 1918 (1918-2013) in what was an agrarian society. He lived a life similar to his contemporaries, filled with activities that depended on innumerable skills and abilities. But events of the last century prompted most of his contemporaries to adopt other life styles. Resulting in Ernie being the last of his generations to bear the definition of a WORKING old Yankee Farmer, the end of that era in Westport.

Hydroponic Lettuce

The determined efforts of this ambitious Westport start-up enterprise were later thwarted by the advent of the NAFTA treaty, which brought lo- cost products enabled by Canadian cheap electricity to giant greenhouse operations.

Prize Rabbits 8-9-02

Breeding and Raising prize rabbits. A local specialty Farmer describes the labors and intricacies of breeding and raising championship Prize Rabbits.

Wm Farmers 1997 yearly cropping

Activities of local Farmers are followed during the yearly cycle from soils preparation to harvest and seeding winter crops