Hurricane 1938, 1954, 1991

Hurricane of 1938

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Why was the hurricane of 1938 so devastating to this area?

Storm tide

What happened at Westport Harbor?

Betty Mills account of her experience in 1938

Firsthand account by Mrs. Marion Jennings Waring of Fall River, a Westport Harbor summer resident.

Roswell Brayton’s Account of the Hurricane of September 21 written on September 24, 1938

Anonymous account of 1938 hurricane at Horseneck


1938 Hurricane Westport Harbor, MA Eyewitness Anniversary

In August 1988, several eyewitnesses assembled at the Acoaxet club to relate their experiences fifty years later. Fortunately, Terry Connolly had his VHS video camera at the event so we have film to share their experiences. Much of the perspective early in the video was from the Israel Brayton porch (and the Barnes and Chase houses), which was situated above a five and a half foot retaining wall on the southeast corner of the Beach Club parking lot. Richard K. Hawes Jr., a 22-year-old recent graduate of Yale, his father, Richard K. Hawes Sr., a 50-year-old lawyer from Fall River, and Roswell Brayton, a 21-year-old senior at Harvard begin the narrative, after being introduced by Ben Gifford who was a 22-year-old recent Harvard graduate at the time of the storm. Then Ben Gifford presents several slides photographed by him, his mother, and the Barnes family, from the height of the storm between 4 and 5 pm, as well as pictures of the damage taken the following day. Next, Borden C. Tripp, the 33-year-old owner of BOJUMA dairy farm relates the eerie feeling of wading to the second story of his house lying in the weeds near the river, finding everything in its place including his dog. The conclusion of the anniversary celebration is the account of 12-year-old Betty Mills’ perilous escape through Cockeast pond to the Acoaxet club between 4pm and 6pm as told to Doctor French at Truesdale hospital the following day.

Hix Bridge after 1938 Hurricane

Dick and Anne Hawes, Westport Harbor interviewed 2006 by Jim Panos

Leonard Remington Cadmans Neck 2007_001
Home movie made by Leonard Remington(Father of Anne Larkin). Footage of Cadmans Neck during summer, including:aftermath of Hurricane of 1938, Cuddledune Cottage, Destruction of Hix Bridge after 1938 hurricane, Old St John’s church Central Village, Quahogging, Cookout at Cadmans Neck, Hurricane of 1938 in Franklin Massachusetts, Sailing on Westport River
Areas of Cadmans Neck washed away by hurricane

Hurricane of 1954

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