Hurricane Carol 1954

Laura’s Restaurant and Bar washed away from its Westport Point location


Exhibition of images at the Westport Free Public Library

February/March 2024

Climate extremes have been a daily topic this year. We will look back at the impact of hurricanes on Westport by marking the 70th anniversary of Hurricane Carol with a special exhibition in February/March at the Westport Library. This exhibition will feature images from the collection of the Westport Historical Society, highlighting dramatic rescues and experiences of those living along the shoreline at East Beach, the Point and Westport Harbor and tracing the impact of Hurricane Carol on the decision to create Horseneck Beach State Reservation.

Firsthand Accounts

Marcia Drumwright: Westport Harbor

Cukie Macomber: Horseneck Beach

Michael McCarthy: Westport Point

Paul DeNadal and Sheila DeNadal Salvo: Laura’s Restaurant

Norma Judson: Moby Dick 

Joyce Micciantuono

Susanne Carter: Westport Point

Transcript of Hurricane Carol 50th Anniversary Part 1

Transcript of Hurricane Carol 50th Anniversary Part 2



Transcript of Hurricane Carol 50th Anniversary Part 2


Crab Manchester


Walter Vincent

Michael McCarthy

Bill Tripp

J. Roger Sisson

Jackie Sisson

George Yeomans

Cukie Macomber

Paul Denadel and Sheila Denadel

Lynn and Sue Carter


Gooseberry after Hurricane Carol showing views of Quonset huts and causeway, filmed by Leo Benjamin

Surviving the hurricane: Bill Tripp, Jimmy and Howie Gifford talk about being stuck on a sand dune during the Hurricane of ’54 at Tripps Boatyard in Westport Massachusetts . How did they survive? Interview and filming by Merri Cyr and Mark Walker.