Mineola “Minnie” Rose Stevens aka Stephens (1852 – 1933)  1838 Main Road, Westport Point 


Mineola “Minnie” Rose Stevens aka Stephens (1852 – 1933) 

1838 Main Road, Westport Point 

Native American resident of Westport Point 

Minneola “Minnie” Rose was the daughter of Isaac D. Rose and Harriet A. Wamsley  who lived in Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard.  She was part of the Aquinnah Native American group on the island in the 1870 census. Her brother served in the Civil War. 

Minnie married a fisherman, John Stevens on February 25, 1872 in Westport.  John Stevens is reported to have come to Westport from Annibon Island on the whaling ship Mattapoisett captained by Captain George Manchester of Westport Point, Massachusetts about 1859.  He was a free African man and Minnie was a native American.  They first lived across from Captain Manchester and perhaps elsewhere at the Point, but John bought 1838 Main in 1896. They had 8 children, with 5 living to adulthood.  Their two sons, Warren and Leland, remained in Westport until their deaths. The three girls left Westport, but all are buried at Westport Point cemetery. Minnie only had one grandchild who never married so there are no descendants of John and Minnie Stevens. 

Minnie remained at the Point for most of the time before her death in 1933 at the age of 83 years 11 months and 5 days often living with her sons.  It is recalled by people passing by that she sat on her porch often and seemed to be hard of hearing but greeted passers-by. She remained close to her family at Aquinnah and people reported she was visited by them.  Her property remained in her family’s hands until 1984. 

By Betty Slade, 2/21/24