Millie Reis 


Millie Reis 

Owner of the Point’s Paquachuck Inn, “fun loving, kind, and giving” 

A remembrance by her cousin Paula Camera 

In the 1950’s Millie’s father, George, purchased the Paquachuck Inn and the big white house on the north side of the Inn’s parking lot where they lived. 

Her cousin remembers Millie “with beautiful long blonde hair, attractive and very fashionable, always put together.” 

Following the unexpected death of her father, Millie decided to take over running the Paquachuck Inn. She lived with her mother on the second floor of the Inn. 

During the 1960’s, The Paquachuck Inn was a meeting place for all of Westport’s regulars. Millie’s cousin recalls sitting at the end of the bar “while all the regulars would buy me Shirley Temples.” The regulars consisted of the Inn’s neighbor, George Mintz, the Tripp’s from the neighboring dock, and Herb Hadfield, an artist and a well-known Westport character. Herb had painted a portrait of Millie’s father George which hung over the fireplace in the bar next to the 1938 water marker. Millie was considered to be “one of the boys” by the regulars. 

Millie was fun loving, caring, and kind to those in need. So much so, that she would help those down on their luck by giving them a place to stay in the Inn and feeding them for free. She was giving to a fault. 

One of the guest rooms at the Paquachcuck Inn is called the Millie Reis Room.