“Whoso gives the motive, makes his brother’s sin his own.”

Our collection includes a bound set of The Non-Slaveholder, a 19th century publication with a special approach to the anti-slavery movement.

“Whoso gives the motive, makes his brother’s sin his own.”

This caption appears under the title of “The Non-Slaveholder”, a mid-19th century publication dedicated to the anti-slavery movement.  The publication focused not only on the culpability of the slaveholder, but on the entire system of slavery from slave dealer, merchant and shipper of slave labor goods, and most importantly, the consumer of slave products. It urged the boycott of sugar, coffee, rice, tobacco and cotton.

In 1850 The Non-Slaveholder included a biographical article about Paul Cuffe as well as the famous engraving showing a silhouette of Paul Cuffe and his brig the Traveler.

The publication includes this acknowledgement:

“We are indebted to our beloved friend and former editorial colleague, Abraham L. Pennock, for the profile of Paul Cuffee, which we present to our readers in connection with an interesting sketch of his life and character. The engraving is from an original drawing made in Bristol, England.”

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