Charlotte White “The Pilgrim’s Song”

This poem was written by Charlotte White, half black, half Native American, and was born in 1775. Charlotte White Rd. is named after her. You can see a picture of her in our “Westport Enters its Fifth Century” p. 57.


Come all ye weary travelers, now let us join and sing.

The everlasting praises of Jesus Christ our King.

We have a tedious journey and tiresome it is true

But see how many dangers the Lord hath brought us through

At first when Jesus found us, He called us unto Him

And pointed out the danger of falling into sin.

The world, the flesh and Satan would prove a fatal snare

Unless we did reject them by faith and humble prayer

By our disobedience with sorrow we confess,

We have had long to wander in a dark wilderness.

Where we might oft had fainted in that inchanted ground

But now and then a cluster of pleasant grapes we found

The pleasant fruits of Canaan give life and love and peace.

Revives our drooping spirits and makes our joy complete.

To confess our Lord and Master, and run at His command,

And hasten on our journey into the Promised Land

In faith and hope and patience, were made for to rejoice

And Jesus and his people forever are our choice;

In peace and consolation we now are going on

The pleasant road to Canaan where Jesus Christ is gone

Sinners why stand ye idle, while we do march along

Has conscious never told you that you are going wrong.

Down the broad road to darkness beneath and endless curse

For sake your ways of sinning and come and go with us

But if you will refuse us we bid you all farewell

We are on the road to Canaan, and you the road to Hell

We are sorry for to leave you, we rather you would go

Come try a bleeding Saviour and feel salvation flow.

O sinners be awakened to see your lost estate,

Repent and be converted before it is too late.

Turn to the Lord by prayer and, daily search His Word

And never rest contented until you find the Lord

Now to the King Immortal be everlasting praise

For in His holy service we long to spend our days

Till we at Canaan, the celestial world above

To everlasting wonder to praise Redeeming Love.


Charlotte White Her Song

I write these lines for to betray

The thief that steals this song away

Still not this song for fear of shame

For above these lines is the owner’s name

Charlotte White is my name and Newengland is my nation.

Westport is my dwelling place and Heaven is my salvation

When this you see

Remember me

Though far from me

Your distance be

Miss Charlotte White

Is my chief delight

Day or night

As I do think ??

Westport, October 14th Day, 1798.