Clarkson Macomber Journal Transcription

The journal of Clarkson Macomber 1833

The original journal is part of the Westport Free Public Library’s history room collection.

The journal was photographed and converted to a word doc using Optical Character Recognition software in August 2022. The transcription was checked by Jenny O’Neill, Executive Director, Westport Historical Society and by Robin Winters, Westport Free Public Library. There may be inconsistencies with dates, numbers, names and initials.

Notes and remarks for 1833 by Clarkson Macomber

Biographical Notices
Dayly Journal

1st mo 1st
I am keeping school at Henry
Wilcox’s for 14 dollars a month.
Rainy day. distributed picture
books and Temperance tracts among
the schollars the number of which
was 17. Wm. Durfy commenced today
I took tea at George Allen’s with Adrian Davis
after that went to Ephraim
Gifford’s to board a spell.
2nd Alfred Giffords come to school to
day. Adrian Davis and Philip Allen
come in to the school room at noon.
after school Hannah came in and
talked with me while I ruled the
writing books I carried a few books
to Ephraims to rule and was kindly
accommodated with a light, table etc.
The number of schollars today was
21. As the school increases in size
it tends to increase my exertions to learn them
the schollars
as much I did before the increase of

the school. The day was fair and pleasant
for the season.
3rd Stephen Cornell and Hannah Hood
were new schollars today. William Durfy
carried away his writing book tonight
owing as I supposed to my requiring
him to hold his pen right. John G.
has been to New Bedford to day and
brought home some papers which we
have perused this evening. It has been
cloudy warm day. Just before I
retired I set Joseph Bessy to read in a
new spelling book which I furnished
him susan was very lavish in praising him
and went immediately to
bring the money to pay for it.
4th I met William Allen this morning
he says that Peleg Slocum has pd
the bill that Nancy Tripp has found
against him. Willium Durfy brought
his writing book again to day with
more than a page wrote over as
it suited him: when he was spelling
out of the book to night he would
not spell the word s -t-a-i-d

notwithstanding the word was spelled
for him a number of times he would
spell it different from right. I kept
him after school near two hours, and
laboured with him to some satisfaction.
if he comes to school I expect to talk
him again tomorrow morning
I gave away 3 Temperance tracts
to night. my schollars are to much
engaged in catching frost fish I fear
The weather is warm and pleasant
5th The school was small and pleasant
to day, George Gifford was unusually
smart in getting Geography lessons
for him to be. Wm. Durfy was not to
school to day. Wm. Henry Gifford was
chastised. Ira and Andrew Potter called
to the school house to inquire for Ann
Davis. I came home in the evening
D.R. Purington, Cornelius and Mehula
were at our house. The day has
been remarkably mild and warm
for the season.
6th First day I weighed 128 lbs this morn
went to meeting to day I. Newitt preached

Benjamin Chase spent the afternoon
at our house
we sat in the great room
without fire. I walked down to the
high hill with D. R. Purrington and
Benjamin Chase this evening: since
I came back I have covered a little book
from I. Backhouse? also read the Jestran? Testimony
of Haddonfield monthly meeting concerning
Richard Gordon.
7th 17 schollars to day, the weather some
what cooler Wm. Durfy come to school
today says that he has not thought of
any thing about the spelling of the
Staid since I talked with him last
Charity Gifford is sick
I find that the average number
of schollars to be 13 ½ up to the 5th in ?
Luthern Wing has been here this eve
I have a small book intitled Texts
for Every Day in the From & I. Backham
8th Henry Wilcox put some tin
around the stove pipe this morn
-ing and then come into the school
and staid while one class was reading
Abner Allen come to school to day

I tied up my knife in the hanker
chief with my dinner we did not
write this afternoon.
9th I am now bourding at Benjamin
Wilcox’s whither I came last evening
Snow fell last night to the depth of
4 or 5 inches. I was puzzled this after
noon with a sum in Vulgar Fractions
which was this. Find two numbers,
so that 13/18? of the one will be as much
” as to 7/16 of the other? ” I have studied
upon it some this evening but have
obtained no satisfactory answer
The weather is clear and pleasant
since the storm.
(Margin note 126 – 208)

10th my school was pleasant to day
notwithstanding I had to warn
the schollars against persisting in
snow balling. T.B. Wilcox went
home this morning after his
grammer, George staid after
school to get his Geography lesson
I ruled some writing and read
One of Halls Lectures this

11th Lorenzo Underwood forgot how
to count to day but he recollected
again after I sent for a stick
I was rather hasty inflicting pun
ishment upon one or two to day.
John Gifford and Henry Wilcox
came into the school this afternoon a
while before school was done.
It has been windy and cold all day.
A vessel was seen this morning aground
upon the hen and chickens I have
since learned that she has capsized and
that the crew have left her and gone
to island in boats. I read the Tract
on Philosophy this evening.
12 I kept school this evening forenoon
with 15 schollars T.B. Wilcox and Sarah
staid to school house to assist
in washing the floor I went to B.
Wilcox and got my dinner and went
directly to Abram Whites school and
staid near two hours then he I went
to Benjamin Chase’s school Abrams
school was orderly and still. B’s was not
after talking at the school house I returned

13th 1st day. N. J. and H.I. also E.H.I.J.?
and Mr. Kirby was to meeting day
which was silent Joseph Tripp was
gone to Little Compton.
I have reading some extracts from
an Eulogium upon the Hon. Charles
Ewing, late Chief Justice of New Jersey
by Samuel L. Southarde? L.L.D.
“His was a life of unvarying uniformity
of marked consistency, of unchanging
purity of purpose and conduct. His
leading and characteristic traits were
sound, practical, good sense, untering?
industry, inflexible integrity, unusual
kindness of heart, and an innate unaffected
controlling modesty!”
His best and truest eulogy is that
He had a vigorous intellect, sustained
by lofty purposes, and based upon an
honest and feeling heart.
14th I arrived at Benj Wilcox’s about
sunrise, before breakfast was quite
ready. I read a little in Youth Temper
ance Lecturer in school. The weather
is warm and pleasant Henry and Hannah

Wilcox spent evening at Benj. which
was to much spent or idled away
in unprofitable disputes and low jests
15th I read the story of poor Charles?
and About John Howard in Youth
Lecturer. I whittled out some cedar
counters to day and used them some
I thought my school rather noisy
Ephraim and Susan Gifford were here
this evening the Lecturer was read
which laughed at by some and
praised by others. It begun to snow
about 9 oclock.
16th The snow of last evening turned
to rain which continued until near
noon when it cleared away and is
now pleasant. Gifford George was
whipped the school was small and
17th George Mosher come to Benjamin
this morn to help kill hogs. He saye
that the viewing Committee of dart
mouth have reported favourable
to the division. I read again the

story of poor Charles. I borrowed
the mercury to read this evening
I have read one of Hulls LectTurers
Weather cold.
18th 22 schollars today. I had the
head ache, the school not very
pleasant B and his wife were
social this evening I was invited
to see their new cellar
19th We were disappointed this
morning our fire maker not coming
we were quite cold till near noon
My father and Abram C White
came to see me this afternoon
I made my first attempt to introduce
the writing of Composition with partial
success. Father eat supper to Henry Wilcox
and I to Benj. We then came home after
stopping to William White.
20th First day, I went to meeting to
Day which was silent.
20th I went to meeting to day which
was silent. Father and mother went
to grandfather’s. I have been
reading in “The Friend” to day.

S. H. Wm. A. and D. H. called
this afternoon. they gave me
an invitation to go to Tillinghast
Sowle’s but I preferred to stay to
home and to read and write
of the Scripture Questions
from the “Friend”
21st I went to John Giffords
to board this morning. Amy
Read? come to school to day the
21 schollars this afternoon the school
was pleasant. I read some in the
Youth Temperance Lecturer
Tucker Wilcox’s is to John’s to night
the discourse seems to be
upon masonary and Temperance.
22nd The school quite full Hannah
says that she is coming in to see
the school. Ichabod has moved his
wife to day. Jeptha was here this
evening. I looked ? out my scripture
questions this evening. John talks
much about Temperance, and
I am able to plead the cause but faintly?
I wrote the above in my bed room

23th The number of schollar’s to day
this afternoon was 24. I read Lecture
No. 11. Hannah come to into the school.
room to night and talked some about
the Friends drinking rum? of this
neck she says that they drink more
than others except two or three
drunkards. Jeptha and Polly were,
here this evening. In Jeptha I spoke
very dismissively of the Bible
24th, I wrote? the in the morn after
breakfast so that I was not early
to school. I went into Henry’s at noon
took 2 writing books to rule
The school not so agreeable as some
times especially towards night
I read the ? on Playing Marbles
at the close of the school. I took
the Fifth Report to Johns and read
some. Charity was taken sick at
the stomach. I then went in to see.
Ephraim and had a long discourse
respecting the use of spiritous
liquors he maintained the Discipline
allows was is called the Temperate?

of them, and that the medicine
is synonymous with food and other
drink when not used to excess
he also maintained the Reformation
ought to begin at Congress and he
wanted keep the use of it confined to
confined within the proper bounds
of Truth and that wanted no
greater liberty than the Truth
alow’s the weather has been foggyabl ?
the week
25th it rained last night considerable
25 schollars. Elijah Gifford was
here to night the Presidents Message
was read to night.
26th I carried back the Report
to Henry’s, the schollars recited
the lessons before they read to day
I come home to night
27th Ichabod Kirby brought his
wife to meeting to day. Joseph
spoke of the necessity of seeking
first the kingdom of God and
all things necessary will be
added, after meeting Alvah and

myself with Abial Gardiner I went to G.F. I lost
my paper of scripture Questions
suspected I put them into the
hat of Abial Gardners.
28th I had a pleasant walk this
morning in going to John Giffords
there was a little fall of snow
last night. Elijah Gifford come
to school this morn for the first
time the school was still today
I settled my account with Charles Gifford
And Lysander read the
Report to Ephraim, some to night
29th I walked out in the pasture
to westward of Ephraims house.
Wanton Brightman brought some
wood to school to day. I have
began to board to Henry Wilcox’s again
to night Hannah has been sick
to night Alfred has been here.
and some of the Temperance
Lecture was read. I read the
article called the letter from
the Morn? and Questioned the
schollars after upon some after reading

30th The school was quite still this
afternoon. It appears that Jason
Gifford fished an India rubber
Ball? from the pocket of Richard
Gifford I kept him standing
upon the bench and the floor
most of the afternoon. Wm Durfy
read in the Boston Lessons this
afternoon and he so stubborn
and contrary that none for nothing??
and finally he would do nothing about
as he mind to do I sent for a stick
a nice one was brought I then
ordered him to come out by the
table after several orders he came
I then asked him what none spelt and
he said something. I then ordered him
to take off his jacket but he refused
I then tried to pull it finding it
impractable. I took some red twine
to ty his hands but he said no
his hand should not be tied. I
then called upon Elijah for
assistance and after considerable
struggle fastened his hands

and by means of a line fastened
them to a spike where I kept
him till said was ready to pull
off his jacket his hands were
untied he pulled it off then he
received his chastisement after
which he said was sorry he
was then required confess that

he was sorry to the school.
John Lawrence has been here
this evening
the weather is warm and cloudy
31st It began to storm last evening.
And last through the day. Jeptha
Gifford come to school this morn
staid near half the fore noon 16
schollars to day. I read the account
of Alfred the Great and asked
Questions about it.
I have been reading some account of
Himmalah mountains this evening
the range where it touches the cham
paine?? country is girt with a belt
called Tarrageni which is a kind of
Swamp formed by the

profusion of the water from above
Which about 20 miles in breadth it is
covered with runk? and luxuriant vegetation
it is the habitation of the tiger
and elephant the pestilential.
vapours which exhale venden? it
at some seasons the region of
death, the few human beings
that occupy this vicinity are
meager and sickly.
In emerging from this plain
a much more pleasing scene
opens to view, undulating valleys
covered with large trees similar
to those that grow upon the
Ganges banks the hardy oak
and pine. In this are found
the fruits of England as goose
berry and raspberry the glo
resemble the highlands of Scotland
Here from Commanding enemies?
there is a fine view consisting
of the foreground of
of trees and shrubs
and plains? behind are natural.
plantations of trees beyond rugged

and barren cliffs and in the distance
rises the highest mountain peak
Generally speaking the character
of the mountain chain is rugged
and bold without the pleasing change
of hill and vale. steep and perpen
dicular hills some covered with trees
and barren rocks; with deep chasms
and ravines between crouded with
fragments of rocks through which the
river forces its way. The rivers
are passed by planks and ropes,
so irregular is this territory that
there is great difficulty in finding
a level place of Sufficient extent to
build their towns the musk? deer
is found in the lofty and inaccessible
heights; intense cold is essential
to the life of this animal
the peacock resides among the lower
hills. kites hawks and other minor
predatory birds inhabit the upper regions
bees make their
hives the hollow trees of the lower
country the natives drive them off by making

a noise and take their honey
unmolested. The little kingdom??
above all other places merits the appellation
of a terrestrial paradise the ??
represents the rose to be exceedingly beauiful
the opening up whose buds is celebrated
by the inhabitants by a national?
festival. It has been estimated that
Himalah mountains extend 1000 miles
in length and 80 in breadth.
Goods are transported from Thibet to
India by means of sheep and goats
the road is formed in some places
merely by driving posts into perpen
dicular steeps. Amid these scenes
the Jumma? and Ganges burst beneath
the eternal snows.
2 mo 1st The wheather is quite cold
school small and pleasant Pardon
Cornell went off with Henry Wilcox’s
horse. I read Temperance Report
and discussed the subject of temper
ance. Stephen Butts fell down
broke his jug and spilled his rum
I slept with cold feet and got up in the night

2nd mo. 2nd I laid in bed until some
time in the sunrise the number
was 18 schollars they wrote compo
sition this afternoon, aunt Mehula
and children were here father has
brought home from N Bedford
a map of Pallestine I began a letter
to send to Nicholas Tripp.
2 mo 3rd Abram Macomber came to
our house after meeting Tho Boucher
also stopped here to warm. Finished the
letter to Nicholas.
4th I stopped at Benjamin Wilcox’s
to get breakfast also at Daniel Giffords
to inform him that the small pox
being in New bedford. John Underwood
was at school as visitor, I Read some
in the Report at Henry’s.
5th Wm Gifford was a new schollar
today I went to John Lawrences
to board at night The weather
clear and cold.
6th Barnabas Kirby commenced com
ing to school. It clouded up this
this morning and has since snowed

and rained after school the sun
shined I read the article
on snuff taking. Pardon Cornell brought
Henry W. a horse from R. Island
7th I went to the school house
and made fire before breakfast
although the wheather was severely
cold. the school was small but
agreable. Wm G. Gifford parsed
grammer, although the wind has
blown hard from the North some
snow has fell E. Lawrence was at J.?
8th I made again this morn
the weather clear and cold
the school pleasant and agre
able Wm Gifford passed at noon
John Lawrence showed me wh
ich exposed the schemes of the
Calvinist we also discoursed
about the velocity of falling
bodies he argued that a body
would increase in velocity for a certain
distance and then it would
move on with uniformity
I read some in the Tract about

Bees which I found to be quite
interesting. The queen bee
is larger in every
respect than a worker, and is
longer although not so large in the
trunk as the males. The sting consists
of three parts; the sheath and two
darts. The sheath which has a
sharp point makes the first
impression and it some times
sticks so fast that the animal
is obliged to leave it behind
Reaumer? divided a swarm of
bees. that part without there
queen did not labor numbers
Were found dead every morning
until they all died; while that
that part of the swarm supplied
with a queen prospered increased
The love of offspring appears
to be the all moving principle
of action. The queen, working, and
male bee are 16, 20 and 24 days
respectively in passing from the
eggs to a perfect insect

When deprived of their queen they
construct royal cells take common
worker grubs from their cell ??
them into royal ones feed them
upon pungent food and thus
produce queens. the working
bees are imperfectly developed
females. their food simply.
furthers this development.
Each worm takes care to penting
the panels? of its cell by hanking?
up its covering in which it is
enveloped while changing from
a nymph to a bee when there
are 7 or 8 linings the cells become
too small for rearing their
young and filled with honey
with Old queen leaves the hive
with 7 or 8000 at a swarm.
They sometimes rob other hives
and the bumblebee when it is
loaded with honey Bees are found
in woods by throwing flower? upon
them and observing the course they
fly, water should run near bees.

2nd 9th I left John Lawrence’s this morning
little before 9 o’clock. I found most of
the schollars at the house when I
got there. some of the scholars wrote
composition in the afternoon I took my
supper at H.W. I then returned home
met uncle Cornelius near the house he
informed me that Paul? had got home
Lucy Potter is at our house and we have
had an agreeable evening conversation.
10th I read early this morning
a letter from my sister Lydia
which was very correct con
sidering the short time she
has been at Hartford.
I had a favoured meeting. J. T.
stood up and expressed these
words “what do we understand
by the suffering seed?” at the
beginning. He advised to be
careful that the seed of the
kingdom did not suffer.
C. Gifford and sisters also Martha
Snell were at meeting
We had sea fowl for dinner.

Father Mother and Lucy went to
Gilbert Macomber’s cousin Paul
come to our house the girls Alvah
and myself studied Scripture
Questions. In the evening I read
fictitious piece – Undine the
water Spirit although it contained some
instruction a matter of fact story
is to be prefered.
11th I stopped to Wm White’s to see
if he had the threshed his oats. went
to John Giffords for breakfast
I went to Tho Giffords at night
I read some in my tract on my
Invention and Discovery. Cloudy day
12. Wm Gifford and I could not
see quite alike as to the parseing
of the word “sedate” in the verse headed
“Benificence its own reward” he thought
it to be a verb whilest I called it an ad
jective, Joseph Gifford come in to Tho.
he talked about Timothy he said that he
died on the 27th of the 1 mo. 1830 I let him have
the “The Friend” and also a tract
on the Evils of Excesive Drinking

1 mo. 13 Tho. Gifford went to N. Bedford
with a load of potatoes notwithstanding
it has been a cold stormy day. The water
froze on the trees etc. 26 schollars this
afternoon. I have been reading some
the first No. of the Youths Temperance
14 Clear weather I have got some
cold, the school not very pleas
ant. Wm Gifford said that he
believed I was right
in regard
to the parsing the word “sedate”
I been reading this evening in
“The Friend”
15th Went in the evening to Joseph
Giffords let him have the T Report
Youths T. L. Joseph had been to
N.B. he brought news of the
sudden death of Wm. Russell
16th I left T. Giffords this morn
clear wheather to day. I took
dinner and supper at H.W.
some of the boys threw snow
balls at noon I stopped to
the bridge and a case of Seduction?

17th First day. Silent Meeting.
D. Anthony was at meeting Uncle
David has been here. Grandfather
and grandmother are here now
Lucy Potter lives in the porch
I walked up to the school house
this evening
18 I went to. Benjamin Wilcoxs
to breakfast being rainy I was
very much wet so much so
that I took off my stockings
and wrung the water out of them
Andrew Slocum was at school
for the first I supped at H. Wilcox
He and I got into rather an un
pleasant argument concerning the
Friends Boarding School he maintains
that its charities were not distri
buted among those who most needed them.

19. I went out the school room
before breakfast Charles Cornell
come to school to day Barney H.
and ? come into school and
set awhile this afternoon and

then went away. the school quite
pleasant. I went to Hannah Allens
to board spent most of the evening
trying to solve a question
to exercise youth, the weather cloudy and
wet under foot

20. I borrowed H. Wilcoxs shoes again
Town Meeting to day respecting innoc
ulation for the Third? Pox? Some dif
ficulty arise arose between L. Underwood
Charles Brightman Cvs. L. but G.
appeared the most to blame as he
told a story that 7 or 8 contradicted
I stoped him after school to
see if he would not own it, but
he refused; and threatened to tell
his father of me. I again tried
the Almanac question but not get
ting the answer, I went to read
my tract upon the “Evidences of
Christianity” grows some colder
21. I exercised myself this morn
ing in walking; getting the Text
for the day at the same time.
Clear and cooler, wrote above at noon

I let the schollars go out together.
this afternoon I went in the eve
ning to Thomas Allen I conversed
some with John he is some crazy?
this winter. Tho. Allen is a very friv
olous talker especially for an old man.
22 Wm. Gifford went away at noon
unwell with the headache
Stephen Cornell and I wrote off
some words for the schollars to
learn the definitions. Charles &
George came to Hannah in the eve
I read some in the Lecturer.
I have reading that very valu
able tract, the Evidences of
Christianity Tho. was gone to his
grandfathers when I retired it
has been an exceeding windy
day but not cold.
23 It seems much like spring
this morning, I read some before
breakfast in the Parallel between
Temperance and the Slave trade
which seemed to excite the feelings

of Thomas Allen the younger
I broke school at 4 o’clock
Tho has need the above mentioned tract though
I borrowed the Dayly Advocate at the bridge
Containing the trial for seduction
Read it when I got home.
24th First day morning. Assisted our
folks in doing chores. I received a
few lines from my friends N D Tripp with a
printed list
of the officers and Students
our meeting was silent
some rainy in the afternoon: James Tripp come to
our house I let him have 2
small books to read some that
J Backhouse gave us, and may
the Divine Blessing attend their
perusal, my mother is sick
with the head ache, about sun
set went to grandfather’s and
fetched Aunt Mary. We studied
Scripture Questions some in the
evening, but I think that I am
rather negligent on first days.

25th Some snow upon the
Ground and icy I went to Hannah Allens
in less than an hour, 19 schollars
to day) I was enabled to conduct
my school comfortably thanks
be to the Lorde. I went to bed
before 8 o’clock.
26 This is the day for simul
taneous meetings of the Friends
of Temperance throughout the
United States. I made an attempt
to form one in my school but an
unsuccessful one. I had quite
an interesting evening school this
evening for the first one
27. William Slocum come to
school to day for the first
26 schollars. I went in the evening
to Jeptha’s but his family not
being at home I stopped a
short time at George Allens
and then returned to H. Allens
and read some account of
Peter the Great Emperor of

28th I studied my testament lesson
this morning W G and W S parsed the
beginning of the Section of the nightingale and glow worm
W G. remarked that we did parse so fast he used to last winter
to H. Howlands
3 mo. I went to Samuel Wilcox
To board I read Harnden
Narative of the arrest
Of E T L Avery.
3 mo? 1st. Snowy to day. I spent
some time in reading
over hastily an article in the Courier before
school and was more deeply
convinced of the hurtful tendency
of reading more than I had time
to understand. in the evening
at Samuels I read the life of
Peter the Great. Excercised Brad
ford in Arithmatic some and at
the request of Samuel Jun a poor
disabled person I read some ac
count of a Naval battle Makers?
Samuel and his wife are ??

3 mo. 2 Quite cold this morning
I took a walk, and after I
came in I felt almost sick, but
soon got better and had a long
debate with Samuel respecting
the use of ardent spirits
I set some of my schollars
to write what they could
recollect, of part of the story of
little Samuel, which I read to
them. Before school the wind
began to blow very hard and
the snow to fly about. I went to
Elijah Macombers to supper
and froze my ears in going
The wind not seeming to blow
so hard after I thought I would
try to get to Joseph Wings. But found
it to be so cold I stopped at H
Allens and stayed all night. The
wind appeared to blow about as
hard as ever I knew in the eve
3mo, 3d. I left H. A. and went di
rectly to the meeting house, where
there was a fine fire. M silent

B. F. Tripp came here this afternoon
He bought a farm yesterday
And wants money to pay for it.
F and Mother spent
The evening to Uncle Cs I read some in “The Friend”
4th I came across the river on ice
this morn W Slocum commenced studying Navigation
I lent Wm Gifford have the tract on
the Evidences of Christianity
he has read it and objects
to the manner in which the word “internal” is used.
The weather is exceeding cold eve
for the season. I read in the eve.
some account of the River Niger
I learned that Elijah Macomber
could not read.
5. I made fire myself this morn
and then back again to breakfast,
H. Wilcox came into school this fore
noon and staid over an hour. I stoped
three boys after school to talk with
them for whispering received some satisfaction

I had an evening school but not
being well it seemed to get along
rather dull I. Lawrence and Tho.
Allen came just before it was done
6th Snowy again this morning
Henry Wilcox come into the room
at noon and said that Andrew
Slocum had left because he
did not read but once a day.
It has cleared away again and
appears more mild but the
weather has been exceedingly
cold a few days past. Sarah H.
is waiting for me to go home
with her. Elijah and I were ingaged
in an argument respecting the
rotation of the sun round.
the earth he maintained that
the sun went round the
earth and appealed to the Book
of Joshua to prove it.
7th It was quite pleasant
this morning and clear but soon
clouded up. some snow fell this afternoon,
and is now cooler.

The school was small to day.
Wm Gifford disagreed in Parsing
Some especially the words “interest”
and “both?” in the 3rd & 4th vs
of Ngles?, and G.W.
I had the acceptable company
though the short stay of Lydia Cornell and
Susan Gifford this afternoon
Wanton Brightmans wife and Tho
Allen were at Elijah in the eve
8th I went before breakfast to
Elijah Giffords to see if they
would have me come there to
board. I met Richard going eeling
so I went on the river and eeled un
til I lost his spear I then returned
to E. M?. In the afternoon Charles
went out and pounded upon the
shed but when interogated about
it he denied it; and threats and
persuasions did not make him
acknowledge his act. So I conclu
-ded to keep him untill after school
and he became very humble and contrite

and acknowledged his falsehood and as he feared
I commenced without directly
accusing him but by talking
about the wickedness of lying
and bad conduct
I went to Elijah Giffords at night
some of the neighbors came in to stay the
eve. I set up pretty late read
the Courier in which were some in
dignant remarks on account of
the adding of N.B. F.H.? to B be?
9th I read that white ash leaves
were very offensive to the rattle
snake also that a bandage,
around the waist would keep
a person from being sea sick
Much troubled with the sourness.
of my stomach to day, did not
eat any dinner very little sup?
that I gulped up Caleb who was
at our house when I got home
advised me to chew Indian
Hemp root Hannah Allen
was at her fathers at supper,
as was D. G. W. G. and Wanton Brigt

10th First day. Talked some about
Alvahs and myself going to Providence
E. Tripp spoke about J. Newitt. Gideon Gifford
went home with me to dinner
and then he went with A and she
to grand fathers. A. Gardner D. Tripp
and S. ?. and Abby G. Nath Gifford
the two former appeared to be on good
terms. I read some account in
the Friend that E. Bates was about
giving up his paper also some
pertinent remarks on “Music”
partly concluded for Alvah to go
to Providence soon and stay until
the 1st of eight month and then
for me to go. I borrowed T. Agent?
to read S. Pelton opposition to
the T? Sossieties the answer
in Reply.
11th Some Snowy this morning
I felt some ardent longings to be
freed more from temptations. The School
was small today I signed the account of my school to F. B.

I went to Noah Kirbys in the
evening Lydia was not at home
but the time passed away smoothly
with Sarah’s company etc.
12th I walked out among the
fields before breakfast give
a T. pamphlet to Barney saw
the first robbin that I have seen
this spring, school small.
not withstanding my Patience
was most exhausted this after
noon. I went to E. Giffords to
supper and then to Joseph
Wings where I was kindly enter
tained they informed me of
the property of coal to draw
out pain ? rainy in the evening
13th Some stormy wind to W.ard
after breakfast I went home
thence to our school afternoon to
the Head of the River to attend
the Westport Temperance Society
meeting for the appointment.
of Officers. I suggested to my
father the propriety of having
a meeting at the town house
he made a motion to that effect
which was assented to accordingly
the meeting was adjourned to meet at the town House
On the 11th of 5 mo
afternoon clear and cool D. R. Purington came to our
house in the evening and staid until
14th I stoped at Joseph Wings
to leave a T. Recorder for D. Wing
then to Eph Gifford’s for my
primmers and to Elijah for
breakfast where I had to wait
some time: clear pleasant
weather, went to B. Kirbys again
read the Exhibition of the Deaf
& Dumb at Boston A. Lawrence
came in. Clear and cool
15th I went to the river this
morning after breakfast rainy
I have not felt very well.
The schollars plagued me some
by spelling badly

John Fisher was at N Kirbys
in the evening talked about
Temperance and Antimasonry
16th I left N. Kirbys
The school small. I went with
out dinner. I went E Giffords
to supper stoped at J. Wings
in returning home
I was told that A. Gardner.
and D. Tripp were to be pub
lished next week,
17 th I am unwell took some
Sena but went to meeting
S. Newitt spoke of the necessity
of having true Faith
H. Allen was to meeting
A. Gardener put off his evening
school till 6th day evening
so as to accommodate
me. I? Devol come to our
house and staid the afternoon
News came of the death of
Sarah Gifford, B. F. Tripp
come to our house, father
and mother went E. Tripps

18th I went to Elijah Giffords for breakfast
I felt weak when I got there
And had been nearly 1 ¾ hours going part of the day
Passed very pleasantly I went
To Wm Almy today his brother son
Charles was there who I found to be social
19th, I rose early this morning and walked
to the beach and picked up some stones and shells
The weather very pleasant William passed out of doors at
noon. I went to Methodist Meeting
20th Went to the beach again this
morning left Wm Almys.
Concluded my school at night
and went to D. Giffords
21st left D. G. came home went
to mo. meeting AG and DI ? were published
queries read etc. I Tripp requested?
for a removal certificate
Henry came here for trees.
22. Dug 150 trees. I went to the
bridge and got the towns money

for schools
M.H.R. nominated to Congress
I went to A. Gardner
evening school and was
highly gratified with my visit
23. I went to Wanton Cases to see him
He is speechless and senseless.
I reconed ? my school bill and
went over the river and collected
some. B.W. is to have a T. Lecturer
24. First day. I went to G. Gifford
this morn after a pig. I have
been unwell and dull spirited
I have read in the Friends I Potter
come here.
25 I went to W. Cases found him
dead and his family weeping
I went over the river again.
collected some money obtained
2 subscribers to the T. Lecturer
Also informed T. Gifford of W. C.
death that she might attend the
26 We dug mulberry trees in
the forenoon in the after noon
went to funeral at 2 o’clock
Nath Gifford come after m. trees to carry away
to the Cape
21 I carried Alvah to the Head to
take the stage for Providence
School I went to J. A. Giffords
and then home dug trees and parsnips

Read the 1st No. Vol II of Temperance Recorder
28 I went to meeting
Have since been preparing to go to NB
It has been a tedious day father
is gone to evening school
A pedlar has been here by the name
Tucker who wishes to see
fathers nursery
29 Went to J. A. Gifford for some
hoes and then to N. Bedford and
all night
30 came home at night found
a letter for me from N. Tripp
31st First day meeting large,
uncle Eber and aunt E. come here
I went to Widow Case’s saw Susan
she appears quite smart. I signed
Rebecca Tripps will as a witness

4th mo 1st Town meeting to day.
It was voted that no ardent
Spirits be sold or handed out
the town house but wine
and cider were plenty. come home

and took some
seeds to Adamsville,
2nd Tillinghast Sowle helped us
dig trees.
3rd Father and I went to NB
with two wagons I had my nose bleed much
4th Quarterly Meeting day
J. Backhouse was there meeting
held near to 5 oclock.
5th Came home stoped at the head
of the river got a pair of shoes
for Leonard I was informed that
most of licenes for selling Spirits
in this county were stopped
6th We drew home some hay from
Isaac place with the mare
dug some trees. G. W. Francis
is here from Providence, he brought
a letter from Alvah

7th First day. Dug some trees in the morn
We had much preaching and prayer to day.
I went to NB staid a while mother has the headache
8th S.H. to day. We hired G. W. Frances
to work for us I have written 4 letters
9th Father and I went to NB
with trees? I went to
Dolittles Hotel in the evening. I had a bad
cold in the evening and took some
pepper tea.
10th came home read some by the way?
in the Christian Tresure
a book lent me by Nathan Tabers
wife, in the afternoon we dug 100
apple trees for a man in Boston.
I became so hoarse? before night as
to be scarcely able to speak. In the
evening I read S. Peltons 2nd and 3rd
letters. P.S. Father started this morn for the
11th I went to grandfathers before
meeting. This afternoon I have been
reading T.S. Opposed and T.S. Defended
I continue to be hoarse.

12th Still unwell
13th Father came home from
The cape
14th I went to meeting to day I Tripp
spoke I studied scripture Question
15th dug trees and prepared to go
to N. Bedford
16th I went to NBedford and come
17th Quite unwell with a cold
18th Monthly meeting. I. Dennis? and
Abby Giffords were published
J.D. Peckam received and I Lawton
Disowned. long meeting
19th Loaded trees to day for Norwich
20th Father started for Providence
this morning with trees. Abram
Russell came here to give infor
mation of Royal Southwick’s
appointment of meeting
21st Hathaway Potter to meeting to day
J. Tripp spoke ones and E. twice
uncle David and grandmother are

22nd I took two calves from Isaac Snell
this morning and killed this after
noon. I went to Westport Point
after corn saw Nicholas D. Tripp
gave Varnum Macomber a tract
on The Traffic in Ardent Spirits
George Swift come for some trees.
In the evening
I went to Grandfathers borrowed
4 Temperance Agents in which
Temperance Societies are Opposed
S. Pelten and Defended by the Editors
of the above papers. read some
before I retired.
23 I attended the meeting appointed
by Royal Southwicks which was
silent afternoon started for N.B.
saw David Macomber he is yet almost
blind. We had a shower of rain soon
after I got to N.B.
24 cold wetting day. In the
afternoon I gave 25 cents to the
National Menagerie a large collection of
wild animals. but I rather disapprove
of giving so much money to

unprincipled men I think the money
and time be better spent in
purchasing and reading some
Natural History of the animals

25th D. Wilbor come from Dartmouth
To attend the marriage of A. Gardner
And D.C. Tripp a large number signed their certificate
26th I read the First Chapter in the
New Testament at breakfast. We sowed and
Ploughed in the oats this forenoon
Afternoon set out mulbery trees
George W. Francis had a long debate on the
Propriety of Friends joining Temperance
Societies He insisted on the negative
I on the affirmative. I read J. Pelton’s 2 and 3 letters.
27th Fore Noon I marked letters
on the grave stones of Benjamin
and Lurana E. Tripp Afternoon
I set out mulbery trees with George
Francis. drew a small load of
hay from Isaac farm with the
old mare. My bundle of ?T.L.
came from N.Y.

28. First day E. Tripp spoke, I. Tripp
also upon the command “avoid
every appearance of evil”
Nicholas D. Tripp Came here after
meeting. G. W. Francis acknowledged
that he used too strong language
against Friends joining Temperance
Societies. Nicholas went to his
grandfathers. We are in anxious
expectation for Lydia and father
29. The National Menagerie to be exhibited
at the head of the river today
I worked with Benjamin. G. W. F.
and Leonard work with a team
drawing manure up above
Lydia and Father got home before
night from Providence L is well
and cheerful; she appears to
have good improvement
30. We killed 2 calfes for market
Newspaper attracted my attention to much

5 mo 1st Cousin Charles and I
started for N Bedford about
sunrise Charles is to stay
a while to widow Howlands
and go to school.
Real dull sale brung out
a barrel of flour. I stopped at
Uncle Calebs and stayed all night
2nd Came home Sold some
veal by the way? I went
to meeting but was very
dull and sleepy. Dr Sexton
stoped at our house to see Lydia
3rd Cool and dry weather
we are preparing to set
out mulbery trees at Isaac
farm J. Soule is helping us
today. Father read in the
T. Recorder at noon

4th We set out mulberry trees
and sugar maple trees. F and I
killed calves in the afternoon.
5th First day Some stormy G.W.F. – L.M
and I went to Joseph Tripps.
6th We set mulberry trees.
I read the defence of the
Temperance Societies in the
Agent which appears
plainly to establish the un
lawfulness of using fermented
wine. Mother and Lydia
have gone to the Head of Westport
river and to S. Slades E Bakers
7th We had J. W. oxen to
draw stones. G.W.F. and I
Subscribed for a history and
map of the United States
Afternoon set out trees
G. told me a love story.
Father brought home the
maps of the Yearly Meeting
subscribed for some time since

8th father has gone to the bridge
to set up Notices of the
Temperance Meeting of the 11th
G. and I have had long debate
respecting butter alcohol
tobacco etc.
9th Preparative Meeting to day
I spent some time in considering
the formation of a cone
10th We plowed sward with
James Cornell’s John Waite and
Grandfather teams all day
11th plowed in the forenoon
afternoon Went to Temperance
meeting. Address by R. Davis,
Father and Mother went to E Wings
GW Francis went home that night
12th First day. S. Newitt spoke
in meeting uncles S. S and J. A.G.
come here at 3 o’clock for dinner
I went to grandfathers and
staid a short time.
13th J. W. Francis and I still differ
in conversation especially
in the manner of writing

We planted corn in N nursery
I plant mellon seeds
I reckoned up a note on Joseph Tripp.
in the evening, I set up quite
late conversing with Lydia
14th We mended fence this forenoon
Nathan Taber and his son and wife
and grandson stopped here for
some refreshment. Abial and Deborah
stoped here also. Leonard and I
harrowed sward land with the.
mare. The weather warm and
15th Stormy I read the Tract
called “Man as an Object of
Natural History” Afternoon
we picked up some stones.
Father brought home Hannah
Cole for our school teacher
16th Yet Rainy. Isaac Macomber
and his wife also uncle John
stopped here after Mo. meeting
Joseph Tripp was much engaged in
exhortation and supplication
I recorded some Certificates.

17th This morning I read the
substance of an address by J.
I?. Gurney?. James Cornell wrougth?
for us this afternoon. Dr. Sefton
and his wife spent the afternoon
with us H. Cole began school today
18th I read some on Natural
Theology. Jacob Allen has
made us a gate. Dorothy and
Abner Brownell have been
here also Ruby Case Aunt
Bathsheba is here now.
We began to plant corn.
“up above” to day. Very
pleasant weather
19th First day. G.W. F and I went
over the river with a cow in
the morning. E Tripp spoke
in meeting Nath and Mercy
Noah jun Gideon and Judith
and Ester Gifford aunt
Mary and uncle David. R. Waite
Joseph Tripp and his wife
aunt Bathsheba have been
this afternoon
The subject of forming an
auxillary Tract Association
was talked of
and approved, I think we shall
form one when we have more information
on the subject
20th We finished planting our field
Up above I went to
Grandfathers for pigs
21st Some stormy to day although
Father has gone to New Bedford
Nicholas D. Tripp stopped in the
afternoon J.R. Davis come.
here went to Corneliuses in
the evening and had a setting
22 J.D. went away
G.W.F and I went to the head.
of the river and Also to the marriage
of I Dennis & Abby Gifford
Come home and hoed nursery
23th We pruned cherry trees
before meeting. I wrote a few
lines to send to ND Tripp
I expect he has sailed
The meeting small.

24th Lydia and I started for
Providence at a quarter past.
8 o’clock I handed J. W. G. a letter
from father enclosing one of
Lydia’s own writing, composing
for C. Macomber We stopped
at the school of E. Tripp a short
time. We stopped at Wm Slades?
and took dinner. left Wm at
2 o’clock We also stopped at
a store and bought some
things for Lydia We had a
very pleasant ride to Prov
idence, and the first sight
of the Institution brought
to my mind many pleasant
recollections of former times
Alvah and I went to
the city and spoke for the
passage of Lydia to Hartford
25th I stayed until afternoon.
Moses A. praised the schol
lars for doing so well in
writing composition, I was
introduced to J Griscom

and had the satisfaction of viewing his
Mineralogical Chemical and
Philosophical Cabinetts
Alvah rode with me to
near the bridge
A ships Carpenter

Gave me 12 ½ c? for riding 13 miles with me
I went to Henry Slades to stay
the night
H.B. Slade has gone to the
West, to spend the summer
26 First day. Some rainy
I went to meeting thence
to Philip Tripps took
dinner I walked out with
Thomas G. and went into a factory
I soon started for home Tho
rode part ways with me
I saw J. Mitchell and E Tripp
at H Tripps. When I arrived
home I found J Slade, JHG and
Peter Devol also B Tucker
at our house GWF and H.C.
had gone to grandfathers
they came home in the eve

27th B. Tucker left and fother
went away after calves and
left GW.T. L.M. and I to
get pea brush. GW. F and
I had a quite a jar in
conversation which I believe
we were afterwards
both ashamed of; and I hope
we shall be more careful
in future. afternoon We took?
pea bushes.
28th F. went to New Bedford
I ? Harrow this morn
I have since planted some
radish seed up above.
and Read the Tract on Roads
and their Construction
I rode & lead the mare to harrow
the sward at the Isaac farm
Thence I went to the meeting
house and cut some bushes for
the fire places. I stopped at
T. Sowle and read the Courier.
Also at uncle Cs, and planted
some watermelon seeds

29 I spent considerable time in
reading to day the tract on Ornithology
being unwell
Mother cleaned the meeting house
I saw an owl in the woods
30th Benjamin Came this morn
and we have began to prepare
to plant potatoes. I went to meet
ing. Aunt Mary gave a card to
to me from S. D. T. I helped our
folks plant potatos this afternoon
31st James Cornell and Abner
came with their team to
draw manure for us to plant
potatoes I helped him load
some brush little before night
Father and mother went to the
head of the river
6 mo 1st We planted in our
mulbery orchard this morning
James C’s team drawed off wood
from the woods Benj F. helped
We planted sauce behind the barn.
Brindle cow calfed
GWF has gone away

2 nd 1st day S. Newitt spoke in
meeting respecting the rich
man and Lasarus.
Hannah Cole Elisabeth and l
went to Noah Giffords jun.
We a pretty good visit
but I think We had better,
stay at home than to go vis
iting First days

3rd I went to J. Davis’s
after a calf. P. ? Devols for a
sheep and lamb. I helped
dig the ground for planting
Squashes I went to grandfather
and brought home 2 pigs
uncle Cornelius is here in the
the evening. GWF got home.
4th Father has gone to N.B.
uncle C is to work for us
2 men stopped here with a
horse that had had a fit.
at noon uncle Nath. Gifford. come
for uncle Cornelius to go to New
Bedford and he went.
Sarah and Alice Earle are here

5th Benjamin F Tripp came again
this morning he and S and L have
gone to mend fence

I eat bread and water for breakfast
this morning which introduced
a long conversation
respecting temperance etc
We picked up stubble stones
in the afternoon.
6th G. W. F and I had some
conversation respecting colour
and sound I had a meeting
though silent our paper come
7th to day in a new form
7th I and Leonard Harrowed out
some corn at Lucy Potters
this forenoon the rest of our
folks wrought at the meeting
house Leonard has a swelled
face. Aunt Mary is here
sewing F. went to Asa
Tripps for some sheep,
I worked in the cellar this
afternoon I trimmed
trees with father this afternoon and

his consent to have two hours
in a day for study provided
I am industrious the rest of
the time. Hannah Cole
has come back to see us
again. I must go to pruning
trees again.
9th I went home with aunt Mary
In the morning
Our meeting was Silent.
Father and Mother went to
to uncle Shearmans his
wife is very crazy.
I staid to home and studied
the Scriptures and read etc.
10th We worked in the cellar
this morning father has
been to Jacobs Allens
I have just been reading
of a balloon ascent
Hannah Allen and her son
come here to bring some butter
We had a fine
shower soon after they went
away My health is poor.

6 mo 11th Father went to New Bedford
this morning
I went to the head of Westport this afternoon
attended the annual meeting
of the Temperance Society. An Address
was delivered by Thomas Richmond jun.
a Number of Remarks
made by others from 12 to
15 joined the society
I wrote to WW Niles for
Nos 11 and 12 of Y.T.. Lecturer
Received a letter from An
Asylum Stateing that Lydia
had arrived there in safety
and health. I bought me a
pair of Suspenders.
After I came home I went
home with aunt Mary.
12th. Barbara Sowle is working
for us. We thew the sods?
around the trees in the
orchards. H. Cole came here to night
My health is poor

13th Father come home
from uncle Edwards, his
horse had been eating 10 or
12 qts of corn
At Preparative meeting a
Stranger came in and spoke
a few words
14th, Benj came again
Some showery
moved the silk worms
into the ware house.
15 I cut sage this forenoon
uncle Caleb came up here
this afternoon, and I then went
home with him to get the mares
shoes fastened. When I was
coming home I saw a thrush
killing a snake which was
more than 10 inches long. It
is now dead. I expect to go
to R Island to attend the
Yearly Meeting to morrow
16 First day. I left home at 1/2
Past 6 oclock and met uncle
Caleb near the town house

with a plain coat on I rode in the wagon with him
by way of 4 corners to
Portsmouth meeting was large rather short
not much preaching
Wm. Almy spoke two or three
women spoke some After meeting
Caleb and I drove to New Port
eat our dinner as we went along
After I got to New Port I looked
about some time before I found
Alvah when I found him we
came to Widow Whites and spoke
for our supper and lodging
We then went to meeting which
was large. J. Backhouse spoke
and prayed. M. Radcliff also spoke
a woman from Philadelphia
spoke twice with much feelings
after supper Alvah and I walked out
got into some conversation
with a man near the meeting
house respecting Friends eminent
preachers etc. I then procured a
box of R. bitters put some into w and retired

2 day 17. I took a walk with.
Alvah this morning returning
back to Whites we met Isaac
Fiske I took some water infused
with vegetable bitters and then
Set down to breakfast, after
that I went to a barbers shop
to have my hair cut but could
not have it done then: from
thence I went to B. Anthonys
found Alvah there helped them
shell some peas: then Alvah and
I came up to the Widows White;
Where we found Father. After writing
some I went to meeting. Wm Almy
and Clark Rodman spoke
J. Backhouse appeared in supplication?
be the meeting proceeding to reading
the accounts from the Quarterly
meetings. the Q Meetings approves
of the appointment of 4 Minister
and 5 Elders. Epistles were
received and read from all our
Y. Meetings on this Continent except
Ohio. Also the general and particular

Epistle from London also from Dublin,
Certificate of Jacob Green from Ireland
And J Backhouse from Great Brittain
were read also the minutes of last
Yearly meeting
Some committees were appointed. Eat my dinner
with a good appetite had my
hair cut. Met at 4 o’clock
certificates from the distant
women Friends and also the
boarding school Committees
Report was read and approved a committee
on General Affairs appointed and the
meeting adjourned to the
4th hour tomorrow afternoon.
3 day 18th I went to T. Fish’s
was introduced to Phebe Jenkins and
Phebe Winslow I helped
them shell some peas.
I saw two Danish women
and heard them talk
Alvah went to the Fort.
In the afternoon H. Cole and Phebe
Jenkins and myself rode to the
beach and Purgatory.

We had an agreeable ride
At the afternoon sitting the
reading and answering of
the queries was attended to
and the answers exhibited many
Jacob Green remarked
that he had attended many
meetings and he thought he
never knew an instance of
the answers being more load
ed with complaints. The report
of General Conference
Committee was reported to be
received and refered to the General
Committee. In the evening I
was at auction, bought some
shirt buttons.
4th day 19th Alvah and I walked
out before breakfast. After
breakfast we went to Synagog
and to the ancient Monument
The streets began to be consid
erably thronged before meeting
with people who were in
anxious expectation of the

President of the U.S.A.
and his suites? some young friends
staid out of the meeting and others
went out to see the procession
but I rejoice I that stayed till
meeting was through
Alvah and I saw him pass up Truro
St. just before dinner. After
dinner I and H. C and P. J? went to
A Taylors I was introduced to
P. Tucker, the Testimony of two
diceased friends was read at the
afternoon sitting also the names
of the school committee.
After supper I went up to the
President quarters
I was introduced to him by
Gov. Collins. I then
went to T. Fishs. H. C. and P. J.
went to see the President and
shake hands with him. I came
back and called Alvah from
his lodgings and We then went
back with two more girls
I then returned much pleased with
our visit and retired and

slept soundly for the night.
I saw Van Buren but did not
choose to speak with him
6 mo 20 5 day I saw the President
go on board the steamboat
I spent most of the morn
at A. Taylors with J. Fiske
and others.
Public Meeting began
at ½ past 10 which a favoured
season to many Jacob Green
H. C. Backhouse John Meader Benj
Fay and others were among the
speakers. the meeting concluded
by prayer & by H. C. Backhouse
I stayed mostly at our lodging
between meetings. Afternoon
Sitting. Epistles were read
which were to forwarded to the
different Yearly Meetings
a certificate of J. Green also read
After Meeting Noah Gifford.
and I conversed with John Paul
and with some Lynn Friends
on the Subject of Forming an
Auxiliary Tract Association.

6 Mo. 21st day
At the morning sitting Epistles were read and
directed to be transcribed
by the Clerk and forwarded to Baltimore
Philadelphia and N.C. yearly meetings
Also a minute from the Gen.
Committee approving of the nom
ination of persons to Attend
the Conference.
The several monthly Meetings
were requested form Libraries
of Friends books and pay
attention to the discipline respecting
to schools.
Jacob Green and J Backhouse
went into the women’s meeting and
H. C. Backhouse came into our meeting.
The Youth were encouraged
To persevere in well doing
The meeting closed under a feeling
sense of Divine Goodness.
I Came directly home with
uncle Caleb in company
with Noah Nath and Gideon
Found our family well

6 Mo. 22
Over 2½ inches of water
fell last night.
J. Weight come
to have his will written over
again. At our monthly meeting
R. Davis. J Lawrence E. Allen
and Hannah Slade were present
The sincere and honest enquirer
was encouraged to persevere
While the Lukwarm and
indiferent were admonished
of the danger of their situation
and exhorted to call for help
from the God of Israel
After meeting C. Baker and
wife were here R. B. Allen
came to see H. Cole
We had a pleasant walk into the
fields about sunset.
23 First day. I dressed early this
morning. H.C. R.B.A. and I
took turns in reading “The Friend”

Went to meeting. I. Mitchell & E Tripp
W. Wilbour and J. B. Chase were
there. S. Newitt spoke of the

woman of Samaria and also of the faith of
Aunt Mary came home with us. Some of the silkworms
began to spin
Mother went to watch with H. Lawton
24th I went with H.C. and
children to school.
I spent about 2 hours in study
and wrote some hints of the
subjects I read in a sheet of
paper Benj and I pulled briers
I went to Ichabods to carry a
25th. Stormy day I have
witnessed John Waits will.
I. and H. C. Backhouse. G. Cunning and
Elisa P.K ? came here just after
father started to go to N.B. F.
was called back. they drank tea
JB gave me a Bible Class book
they had our waggon and started
with father to New Bedford.
I read the T. Recorder Extra
HC came after more work

26th I laid down and slept and
dreamed of S and E. it is rainy and I
unwell. I went to H.C. school.
thence to grandfathers came home
in the evening.
27 I read Some of Peltons letters &
Goodells remarks, went to meeting
which was small. I held harrow
and assisted father kill.
28th I went to NB carried an en
graving of Friends School to have
framed. a Map of Palestine to have
varnished, 2 Vol. of YTL to have
bound. I bought. Corriaros? Discourses
etc. retired about 10 with Capt.
29th I bought some B, soap and
Laiet de Rose. I read C. Discourses
and laid out a course to pursue
for the next month in regard to
diet. I bought 2 little Kerchiefs
for the girls.
30 First day went to meeting, many
children were present from school
which began today at the town
house. afternoon school

I heard a class 7 mo. read asked some questions.
After school HC and G.W.F. went to grandfathers
I preferred coming home
G. Macomber was here in the eve
We lent him some books
Uncle Caleb was also here.
7 mo 1st 2nd day My health
Is poor I went to Abner Davis’s
And had a fine sheep and calf of
him and some new cheese of his
Mother in law
Noah Gifford jun.Judith G. and Amy Anthony
were here in the evening
I went to the Point to assist
Father and George WF who were
going to Nantucket. 11 Friends went
from here and Dartmouth
in the Charles? Capt Gifford
stopped at grandfather’s to have
horse’s shoes fastened. I came home
and dressed the spech? and calf with
the assistance of Leonard.
3rd I went to N.B. quite showery
in the afternoon. I had my hair cut.

4th I was disturbed before day
break by the firing of guns.
I got a doz of Scripture Questions
And a doz of questions for Children
and come out of town before 11 o’clock
some considerable noise in town
before I left. I stopped at the
head of the river. Isaac Francis
shot his hand while I was there.
in loading his gun she accident
ally discharged.
5th I helped John Case dress
a lamb. I saw Susan she looks
quite smart. I came home and
went to the bridge and got some
Anti Bilious Pills and some other articles.
I took two of the
above pills before I went to
bed I have been interested in reading
Thompsons description of haymaking
and sheepshearing
6 I rose a few minutes past
4 o’clock my pills did not affect
me much. I have been Mostly
engaged in assistance about the

house to day and in reading
Father and G.W.F. have just got
home from Nantucket.
They did not get to N. until 4th day. They
Left yesterday about noon
7th First day, School this morning at The
Town House. Our meeting small
and silent, Gideon and Abby G. came
here and staid the afternoon
and evening. We read some in Bates’ Doctrines.
? G. and I went to I. Waits
and staid a little while.
I received a letter from Alvah.
8th I rode horse to plow out corn,
this forenoon notwithstanding
my health continues poor
J. Austin and daughter took
dinner with us to day R. Tripp
has furnished us with some clams
9th Showery to day, Father has
gone to NB uncle David took
dinner with us. G.W. F. has most
given up work on account of
his health. I read account of some
bees to day in Scientific Tract

10th GWF rode with me to the
Town House from thence he was
going to Dr. Sextons? he being ill.
I proceded to grandfathers.
Uncle David and I went fishing.
I caught three pairs of scup
I came home gave some of my
fish to I. Wait, helped our folks
make hay, read S. Peltons 6th letter
and Wm Goodells answer to it
G.W.F. has gone to Dartmouth
11th Preparative Meeting day.
I was very sleepy and dull
I assisted Father and Leonard
in getting the hay into the barn
and under the D. cap
H. Cole and Elisabeth visited S. Bur
gess School T Reccorders received
P. Crandell in Close Confinement
12th Staid mostly about the house
read the Courier, Mother has
the head ache. F and I tied strings
to the mulbery trees. 13th H. Cole and
I went to Nath Gifford’s, uncle Caleb
and aunt Mary come there also

14th I went to L. Compton meeting
In company with Nath. Mercy and
Gideon Gifford Caleb and Mary Mac.
It is a favoured although a silent
Meeting. The evening was spent in reading
and conversation in the lower part of the house
15th Very Pleasunt weather.
I come home picked some berries
helped father prune trees , talked about H.C. school
16th Father went away to go to
NB about noon Received The
Histories of the U.S. subscribed
for by GWF and me
17th I spread hay this morning
then picked some berries set out
cabbage plants
18th I went to Abner Davis for
sheep, I had a long cruise in
the woods come homeward and
stopped to Mo. meeting. After
Meeting helped F kill sheep etc.
19th Picked Peas, huckleberries
then wrote some for Alvah

20th I rose before sunrise.
My health has improved
Picked some berries. Finish
ed my letter to Alvah, read
some account of Peter Gardner
and must now make haste and
go to mill. I went to mill, saw
Daniel Macomber, E. Tripp
Rode part of the way home with me
21st First day Attended school
and meeting which was silent
Washburn had a meeting at the
Town House at 5 o’clock
Nancy Macomber came after
meeting I am more unwell
today owing probably to not eating
too little. I weighed 106 lbs.
22nd I picked some berries,
with H. Cole this morning also
trimmed some mulbery trees
to furnish D. Brownell with silk
worm feed, I have bound up.
some books to send to E?.
Very Warm weather, I am
weak and feeble yet.

7 mo. 23rd Rose at 4 o’clock helped
Father yard sheep picked some
went out to pick peas but being
so unwell I returned to the house
F has carried over 50 qts of berries
To NB. I have recorded C. Giffords
B. Certificate, also Stephen Allen’s
24 Continued feeble mother went
to visit Nancy Tripp. H. Cole
dismissed her school for 3 days
I took some Anti – Bilious Pills
25th I went to meeting notwith
standing I was very weak. H.C.
went to N. G. jun I kept pretty
still. Nath. Sowles worked for us
to day, drew in oats etc.
26th F. went to N.B. afternoon
I went to E. Tripps read the
letter from N.D.F. to them come
home much fatigued, R. Allen
was buried yesterday, H. C. come
home with Judith Gifford
27th I hoed melon vines before
B. went to Ichabod’s carried
Y.T.L. for Jeptha G. H. and I carried

water to vines, think I have
gained some. F. let me have $2 for berries
and Rad. Beans etc
28th First Day, delight some
this morning before sunrise
afterwards windy and dusty
I attended School and meeting
which last though silent.
was a favoured season to me
although it was painful to
see so many Friends drowsy.
I came home much fatigued
but recruited and walked to
A. Case’s with aunt Mary. HC.
R. Wait and Leonard, Susan had
walked into the closett? F. and I
went to C. Wing’s. my health better
29th Continue improving. I picked
some B. berries and stewed for
myself also some W. berries.
Picked them over and wrote the
above, since dinner, now near
3 o’clock P.M.
30th I went to the head of Westport
I saw H. Baylies, E.P. Hathaway

At Probate Court I walked to
I.Macomber’s thence to uncle S. Slades
Much fatigued, laid down
had a shower, picked some B. berries
31st aunt Peace unwell I went
to uncle Ebers before I breakfast thence
to meeting with aunt E. rode away
with uncle S. S.
went to uncle I.A.G.? staid
till most night, walked to
head, rode to E. Tripps with
a Pedler walked home.
8 mo. 1st F. started for Portsmouth
I went to meeting, then to grand
fathers, aunt M come home with
me I went huckleberrying.
8 Mo. 2nd Leonard went to N.B.
I went to N. Tripps School
come home cleared out the ware
house. Mother went to the
bridge, I became very hungry
before supper, but my appetite
went before I eat. I fixed this
morning some new rules of con
duct Uncle Caleb come to see F

8. Mo. 3rd I was not very smart
this A.M. bad cold this P.M.
better with increased appetite
I have been putting up my
clothese, blacking shoes etc
A Davis stopped here and had some
Bombazine? for stock
Alvah came home from Providence
4th First day I gave the schollars
some tracts, went to meeting.
L. Newitt spoke twice an exercising
time to me, S. & E. Newitt grandm
come here. I went to uncle C’s
gave E. W. book. had a shower
of rain. I weighed 101 lbs.
5th I rode E. Devols got a Scrip
ture Lesson before I returned
with 6 lambs. I hoed before
dinner, after, I wrote a copy
of the US? Constitution helped
plant turnips, picked b berries
G.W.F come back health
improved. I then went above
picked beans till dark. Stewed
blk. berries and retired.

6th I went to New Bedford alone
I had rather a heavy time in
the fore part of the journey
but quite a clear time in latter
and in the evening, I retired between
10 and 9 much fatigued.
7th Sold most of my load
and come home with picture
frames, shoe brushes etc.
I found Almia Case to our house
8th H. Cole very busy preparing
my things for Providence, I
have been marking with Indel
ible Ink. Preparative Meeting
today. H. Cole and I went to
R. B. Allen’s school which was
small. I went out into the
pasture and experienced a singular
visitation. Come home in the
evening H. Cole was social
9th Leonard went to N.B.
I went to g. father to look for my knife,
and borrow some money. I have been putting up
things for Providence.

8 Mo. 10th
I rose at 4 o’clock and started
at 1⁄4 before 6 with Father for
Fall River The weather was so
cold that we wore great coats
I got to Providence about 11 o’clock
in the King Phillip I bought
two knives & came to the School.
I walked to the river with Caleb
Farnum? I let S. Gould have a bottle
of ink, a singular shell with my
name. I had some conversation with
Harkness. I feel pretty smart.
11th First day, passed away
pleasantly, fine weather S.G.
kindly lent me “The Friend” which
was read much to satisfaction
Wm. Almy was here in the after
noon. spoke of the authority and
truth of the Scriptures. recommended
an attachment and reverce?
for them. The account of M. Andrews?
and of those remarks on Christian
Education from a Paris paper also the
Watchman No 35 possessed much interest
They were in the 41st No. of The Friend

12th I rose before four o’clock.
Read in The Friend recited in
Pliny Class, in Expositor.
Attended Lecture on Mineralogy at Noon.
I bought two writing books for writing
the Lectures in and wrote an abstract of today’s
Lecture. I was called into Dr. Griscon’s? room
with an Algebra class. they were
most to smart for me. I bought
25 pears for 6 ¼.
I carried The Friend to cousin Stephen
he gave encouragement
of my having the liberty to read
that Paper while I am here
At Collection some questions were
asked some account of the Plague
in Athens was to which I thought
I would turn a deaf ear, but I
think it not best to do so any more
13th I rose as usual at 4 oclock
and walked out in the N. wood
tho some rainy.
I rectea? in Moses Class
in Expositon went in the N Woods
at noon with E. Harkness. I read
some on the Ocean. Joseph Bayley

passed by from the North and
gave each of us a pear. E. H. eat
his presently but I intend to find
how they were obtained before
I eat myne, having been much
exercised on the account
It has been a warm day, we
have just returned from the river
I have been into the water
and feel refreshed. Joseph
says he bought his pears and
he considered he had liberty
to go out to day as I considered.
I had liberty to go in the
N. Woods from what Enoch?
told me last 7th day night.
but I fear I am mistaken and
have been out of bounds myself
I must try to find the truth of
the case. Moses says no liberty
without a monitor. The Lyceum
meets to night, I think it not best
to join at present; But may I be
industrious and employ my time
to the best advantage.

(Indian hemp root written in pencil on last page of diary)