Native American Place Names associated with locations in Westport MA

This map was compiled from information in the collection of the Westport Historical Society. We welcome corrections and comments. The map dates from 1871.


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Acoaxet (Accohquesse, Acokus, Cockset) – Place of the small hill or the land on the other side of the little land



Davol Pond, Westport Harbor


Contesawaocsetor Contesewaxet

The name of the small island in the West Branch between Adamsville and Westport Harbor.


Copatneast Thick woods or brush

An area south of Adamsville on the West Branch.


CopicutDense pine woods or swamp

The Copicut Woods are located in Fall River.



HussunnegkorHassanegkcellar dwelling, cave, cavern, or enclosure with stone flaggings or stone house

This is the earliest form of Horseneck.


Mashtuxet– Reed or grass brook

A brook that flowed into Allen’s Pond.


Masquamskiesett or Mashuamskesett– At the place of the red standing stone

The east side of the East Branch of the Westport River, two miles south of Hix Bridge.



A cedar swamp in northern Westport.



Richmond Pond


Noquochoke – His small piece of land or Land at the fork

The East Branch of the Westport River.


PaquachuckAt the clear or open hill

Westport Point



A swamp in the northeast corner of Westport.



On the east side of the East Branch, about one mile south of South Westport.


Poquanset– At the opening

The natural harbor at the end of Westport Point.


Poganset – At the pond

Devol Pond


Quannachuck – At the long hill

The swamp between Westport Factory and the Watuppa Pond.


Quansetor NutaquansetThe place of the terrible fire or at the burnt woods



An area on the east side of the East Branch, about a mile south of Hix Bridge.



The area of land that is on the east side of the East Branch north of Hix Bridge or a brook that joins the river.


Watuppa – They draw water