Now and Then, Images of Westport 100 Years Apart

This is an evolving series of images using postcards from our collection. Check back soon to view more Now and Then images as they are added to our website.

(Thanks to Ray Shaw for many of the “now” photographs)


This is 552 Old County Road, at the Head of Westport built in 1843, the house was used as a hospital for seriously ill patients.


The Stone House at the Head of Westport


The Bell School, our HQ.


504 Old County Road

Old County Road, looking west.

Old County Road, looking east.

This house located at 464 Old County Road Westport was originally a store located on the triangle where the Powder House now sits.


This is 498 Old County Road, Westport MA. Built in 1775 by “smuggler” or coastal trader John Gifford. It remained in the Gifford family until the 1970s.



576 Old County Road, Westport MA. Built around 1878. Charles Baker house sits next door close to the site of an old tannery.


The corner of Old County Road and Drift Road.


Upper Drift Road.

Westport Factory church on Union Ave


Sheldon Residence ,Westport Point

sheldon house

Westport Point School

Point school

Point of Rocks

now and then horseneck beach

Elephant Rock Beach

now and then elephant rock

Horseneck Beach

Horseneck looking west

Hix Bridge

hix bridge

Howland House


Town Farm

town farm

The old town hall


Drift Road, Head of Westport
then and now

The old high school, now the Town Hall annex


Forge Road Mill


Harbor Inn


Highland Avenue


Hix Bridge


Adamsville mill pond