Philip Sanford to George L. Davis, on board Bark T. Ch(ase) of Westport, April the 28th, 1850

Dear friend I take this time to wright a few lines two you. We air all well at presant. Your grandfathers and your fathers folks air all smart. I was over to your house last week. Your uncle abner has gon to keeping house in knew bedford. He and your father works in the candle house. I hav bin sick and come home. I left to floras from thair went to fial and from thair went to boston and from thair home. I hav bin to home abought three months. Giv my best respects to gideon soul and samuel snell. Tell sam that gideon allen gows to sea his Mary and expects to get marrade in abought to or three weeks. Tell gideon that Rebach talant is over hear and sends her best respects to him. I cant think of enny nore to tell. You know you must be a good boy and kep study. This is from your well wished friend Philip Sanford

George you must be a good boy and do the best you can. We are all well at preusent and I hope thes few lines will find you the same. I don’t know as I have enny newse to right to you at preusent. This is from your Ant Rebeca Sanford