Owen D. Colson to Daniel Cushman, on Board Brig Mattapoisett, Atlantic Ocean, Brightman (Captain), New Bedford, Sept. 29th, 1844

Dear Brother

I received yours of August 27 and was glad to hear your health was good. We are all well and were glad to hear that you stuck the first whale and hope you will sur… them all so. Your Mother is here. She got back last Thursday. Her health is about the same as usual. Mary Ann is here and the children. The(y) are well. Joan has got a boy. His name is Horis. They would not name it Daniel Owen. I think it had ought to have be(e)n Noah. They are well. Give my respects to Capt. Brightman. Tell him Albert is well but is not married yet but I expect he will be soon if not before his Brother William is at home but I supose he has heard of it before this. Things are about the same as usual. We are as busy as the devil in a gale of wind. All send there love to you. Your Mother would write but she says you must make this do for both of us. You must take good care of your self and do the best you can. I shall send this by the Theopilus Chase of Westport (My children are all well). I do not think of any thing more at present.

This is from your friend Owen D Colson

PS Your mother has lost 3 of her front teeth eating cabage