State Side School


State Side School – 1891. State Side School, District No. 12, was a one-room school with grades 1 – 8 built ca. 1891 on Sodom Road south of Charlotte White Road near the Massachusetts-Rhode Island state line. According to Roy et al writing in “Early Schooldays In Westport,” 1996, p. 74, pupils in this photograph from left to right were – Amory Pettey, Nelson Pettey, Carlton R. Macomber, Carrie R. Wood, Ralph R. Macomber, Carlton M. Wood, Rosene Pettey, George F. Wood, Anna Hull, teacher, May Pettey, Albert C. Wood, Norman W. Kirby, Ferdinand Lawton, George Manchester, and Arthur Manchester. The photo is alleged to have been taken in the first quarter of the 20th century. The name of the school relates to its proximity to the Massachusetts-Rhode Island line.