Old House Ghost Stories – Call for storytellers

Do you have an old house ghost story to share?

Old House Ghost Stories

6 PM Tuesday October 24, 2023

at Davoll’s General Store

1228 Russells Mills Rd, South Dartmouth, MA 02748

Do you have a story to tell about a spooky occurrence in your old house? Join us for a storytelling event to celebrate the Halloween season and the many historic houses in Dartmouth and Westport.

We seek 5 storytellers for this event.

Stories must be connected to an old house in Westport or Dartmouth and must be based on an actual experience.

Please email a short 200 word summary of the story to [email protected].

Tell us why it is a great story. If we feel your story is right for our program we will contact you to hear the full story. Don’t delay, the first 5 stories that meet our criteria will be chosen for this program!

Guidelines for storytellers:

  • Time limit of 5 mins
  • Must be connected to a house located in Dartmouth/Westport
  • All aspects of your story must be true.
  • The story should be entertaining, dramatic, and memorable. The audience should care about you and your story.
  • You must be confident and comfortable telling your story without notes.
  • While the event will target adults, stories must not incorporate language or themes that would be inappropriate for teenagers or young adults.

(Seating will be limited for this event. Reserve your seat in advance, check back for information to reserve seats after October 1)

This event is co-sponsored by Westport Historical Society and Davoll’s Store.