Whalers into and out of Westport – “Heave, Haul and Pull”

Navigating Westport harbor was not an easy feat for many of the whaleships, particularly the larger vessels. Isaac Macomber on board the Mattapoisett describes his experience attempting to enter the harbor in 1851:

“Found ourselves aground 30 yards from the ½ mile rock and directly to windward after heaving, hauling and pulling, got her head pointed to leeward of the rock and … past it soon got aground in the mouth of the harbor where we hove hauled and pulled until near night when the tide slacked and we started for the wharf where we brought up amidships of George Gifford’s sloop but did no great damage. We soon got her alongside of the pier and made her fast and then started for home. So ends my third voyage. Amen”