Howe to Roosevelt

Howe was a friend, confidante and adviser of FDR, and FDR in fact did visit Howe at his summer cottage on Horseneck Beach. Howe was early convinced that Roosevelt would be President one day, hence the salutation. FDR did come to Westport and visit Howe. (

We are indebted to Russ Hart for a copy of this letter. The original is in the possession of and copyrighted by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, New York.





Chairman Executive Committee ROOM 1409

Beloved and Revered Future President:

This is a line to remind you that you have a date with me to go in swimming. Also that your young hopefuls (I rather like that spelling and am going to let it stand) have a date to come

down and dig in the sand. My wife writes me that the miserable shack we had

to take this year is “horrid” and that she expects to live on the piazza.

There is, however, I am informed, a stove that is adequate to the occasion and I will have you understand that I am some duck. I trust therefore that “en route.” You and yours will motor down early in the morning to

Westport Point NOT Westport Harbor, and spend the day. Bring bathing suits

for the grown ups and sand pails for the kids. Please punctuate this to

suit yourself. There is a man at my ear telling me the story of his life

and why he is for Wilson – I am glad he is for Wilson, but must confess that

I doubt that Wilson would be for him:

When you reach Westport Point ask at either of the two stores where

the Howes live down on Horse neck. It is only half a mile straight ahead – Don’t

try to get down to the beach in the car. They get rich down there

pulling out cars from the sand. You can go, however, down to where the

road leads straight to the water, about three hundred feet from the surf.

Stop by the barn and foot it the rest of the way. You turn to the right

and keep right on walking until you get there.

You will note that I have not mentioned particularly that I hope

your better half will come along. This is not an oversight, but I fear that

in adding this to my invitation I may make the invitation to her so warm

and cordial as to arouse the green eyed monster in your breast. I will

therefore hide my real feelings behind the “safe and Sane” statement that

Mrs. Howe hopes to see Mrs. Roosevelt at the same time.

You might telegraph me the day before you are coming, addressing

the wire to L. Howe Horseneck Beach, Westport Point, Mass. The telegraph

station being Westport point. Or you can telephone to the post office and

Store at Westport point and they will send a boy out with the message.

Every time I duck under the cool water this week I will think of

you at Baltimore and regret(?) that I am not along.



Courtesy Director Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park

A Letter written in 1912 to Franklin D. Roosevelt.