Thanksgiving Storywalk

Date: Every Sunday until December 12, 2020
Time: 8:00 am  to  4:00 pm

Open dawn to dusk, 7 days a week


Take a walk, read a book, have an adventure!

Handy House Heritage Trail

Enter at Handy House parking lot off Hix Bridge Road



A Thanksgiving Celebration by Jackie French Koller

“Now frost lies thick on the fields at dawn, and the winged ones pass overhead in great numbers, calling out their good-byes. It is time, now. Time for the People to come together, together to give thanks. Nickommoh!”

Nickommoh, is a Native American word meaning celebrational gathering. The traditional Native American harvest Nickommoh was held outdoors, lasting several days and included gaming, feasting, and contests of skill.

During these feasts, a giveaway dance was held. People would give away any extra food, furs, clothing that they might have accumulated. These gifts were distributed by the sachem to widows, orphans or any who were in need. The more a man gave away, the more highly he was respected.

StoryWalk® is an innovative and delightful way for children — and adults! — to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time. Laminated pages from a children’s book are attached to signs, which are installed along an outdoor path. As you stroll down the trail, you’re directed to the next page in the story.

The Handy House Heritage Trail provides a safe outdoor space with plenty of room for social distancing.

The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, Vermont and developed in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library.