Handy House open, Backpack adventures, Treasures from Elvira’s Attic, Discovery House

Date: July 9, 2016
Time: 10:00 am  to  4:00 pm

At the Handy House, 202 Hix Bridge Road, Westport

Treasures from Elvira’s Attic

This summer-long exhibition features objects valued through the years by Elvira Smith, now 101 years old. Born in 1914, Elvira grew up on a farm on Horseneck Road in Westport. Highlights include an 18th century set of “stays,” a series of 19th century aprons each embellished with a different style of hand crocheted work, well-used and loved antique dolls, and a very early 19th century straw poke-style bonnet. Much of the collection is homemade and hand stitched demonstrating the skill of women to create lovely, durable garments at a time when cloth was one of the most valuable commodities.

Backpack Adventures

A family adventure that will take you on a playful exploration of the Handy House to discover the story of people who lived here. Self-guided. Free.

Discovery House

Construction for kids! Step inside the ongoing construction of a kids-scale 18th century house. Free.