An Audience with Mayflower passenger Susanna White Winslow

Date: January 23, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm  to  3:00 pm

Meet Mayflower passenger Susanna White Winslow and discover the harrowing stories about her life in England and the challenges of building a new life in a world unknown to her. Susanna was the great grandmother of William White who settled in Westport and lived in the Cadman-White-Handy House. This first-person living history program is presented by Plimoth-Patuxet (formerly Plimoth Plantation), a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Susanna and her husband, William, and their young son Resolved were passengers on the Mayflower. Susanna gave birth to another son, Peregrine, in December of 1620 while the Mayflower was anchored in Provincetown Harbor. Peregrine was the first child born to the Pilgrims in New England. Following the death of William White died in 1621, Susanna married Edward Winslow (another Mayflower passenger, whose wife had also died during that hard first winter) This was the first wedding in the new colony. This program is offered via Zoom by the Westport Historical Society.

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