Westport Town Farm Photo Gallery

Westport Town Farm
830 Drift Road, Westport MA
Photography by David Allen, 2008

 “From the buildings themselves to what artifacts may be left behind, there is a sense of lives lived. Narratives are suggested and the ephemeral nature of life and death is felt. These incremental photographic slices seek to explore the fluid, always changing energy of existence.”

Inspired by the discovery of a coat hanging from a ceiling rafter in house on Cornell Road prior to restoration, David Allen began recording scenes at a variety of historic sites in Westport, including Westport Town Farm, the Oscar Palmer Farm, a house on Cornell Road and Main Road.

David Allen, a Westport resident for over 30 years, was the coordinator of the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts and the instructor of photography at Westport High School. He was a Visiting Lecturer of Photography for UMass Dartmouth College of Visual and Performing Arts. He was a well-known area photographer whose work is part of numerous private collections.