Darius Davis to his son, Westport, June 15th, 1862

My dear son I take this opportunity to let you know that I am well as usual hoping these few lines will find you enjoying the same blesing. Your mother is about the same as when you left home. Hannah is smart. She is eating parcht corn now. I received yours of April 11th last. fryday 13th. I was glad to hear from you and to hear that you are trying to bee a good boy. May God bless and assist you. I have writen 3 letters. I hov not much new to write. The war is knot over yet. There is a grate battle expected evry day. There has been 2 or 3 bundles of papers sent lately for the ship. You did not write how you liked whaleing. I thought by the way you wrote you found my words true. When you left me you left home. I hope you will try to doo your duty and pleas the oficers. To your request I will send the deaths Capt Robinson Capt E. Mayhew Capt Jobs wife Capt James Sowls wife Anthony Gifford wife Andrew Macomber Daughter Wm. Capin baby.

I hav been — in the shop for a few weeks but it is about over. The grayhound and kate cory is about ready to sail. I don’t expect much to doo in the shop the rest of the season. They are giting thin out here. Allen G & Filander Capt. New Sowle Christopher Davis Cap Devaul Parden Tripp has gon to California. Tom Mayhew and Wm A. Hammon and — is going in the hound with Capt Sowl and Joseph Pery William Sowle is going out of bedford with benjamin Gifford. Til Sowl has got married and gone mackareaing.

17th John Hasards youngest child died today about 10 o’clock, Jimey Carter is lounging round as usual. He sends his best respect to you. Your uncle Williams daughter has been here and mad a visit. She sends her lov to you and wants you to get her some shels. She ses she will pay you for them. I don’t seem to hav any more news at present. I hope you will try to liv a prayful life and I will do the same should w ee never meet on the shores of time that we may met in heaven. May Gold bles and save us all in his kingdom, so good by for the present. Hannah lef out her going to school so I will just say she has been at the heads next to hear of her speling class fore weeks fryda next,

From Your Effectionate Father, Darius Davis