Town records of 1830

1830 page 32

At a legal meeting of the inhabitants of said Town of Westport qualified agreeable to the Constitution, assembled at the town house in said town on Monday the fifth day of April, for the purposes expressed in the foregoing warrant.

Votes ,for the following persons were given in ,sorted ,counted. Recorded and declaration thereof made as by the Constitution is directed. Viz.

For Governor his excellency Levi Lincoln had one hundred and twenty three votes 123.

Marcus Morton had one vote 1.

For the lieutenant governor his honorable Thomas L. Winthrop 123.

Nathan Willis had one vote 1.

William Baileys had one vote 1.

For Senator John A. Parker Esq. had 130.

Howard Lowell Lothrop Esq. had 127.

Elijah Ingraham Esq. had 129.

Francis Baylies Esq. had 3.

N.C. Brownell Esq. had 1.

Solomon Pratt Esq. had 1

Joseph Tripp Esq. had 1.

Jones Godfrey Esq. had 1.

Recorded by Frederick Brownell, town clerk.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Bristol S. S. to George C. Brownell constable of the town of Westport, greeting

You are hereby required in the name of said Commonwealth to notify and warn the Freeholders

and other Inhabitants of said town of Westport duly qualified to vote forTown Officers and in other town affairs. To assemble at the town house in said town on Monday the fifth day of April next at nine o’clock in the forenoon to act on the following articles, viz.

1st. to choose a moderator to regulate said meeting.

2nd. to choose all such officers as town by law are authorized to so choose annually and upon such conditions as the majority shall then and there agree.

3rd. to choose a committee to receive and examine all accounts brought against said town and also to settle with the treasurer.

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1830 page 33

4th. To determine what sum to raise by way of tax for support of schools and in what manner it shall be appropriated and to act on all matters respecting schools that may be taugth expedient.

5th. To determine what sum to raise by way of tax for the support of paupers and other incidental charges.

6th. To determine what sum shall be expended in repairs of highways and in what manner it shall be appropriated.

7h. To know the town’s mind in regards to regulating the oyster fishery, and to offering a bounty for the distruction of Foxes.

8th. To choose such other committee or agent as circumstances may render expedient.

9th To know the town’s mind in regards to purchasing a Wood lot.

10th. To give in their votes for a county treasurer.

11th. To take measures to carry into effect in this town the Resolve of the Legislature passed March 1, 1830. Requiring towns to make surveys of their Territory and return plans of the same into the Secretary’s Office.

Hereof fail not and make return of this warrant with your doings thereon onto us the suscribers at or before said timing of meeting. Given under our hands and seals at Westport this 12th day of March A.D. 1830.

Signed Frederick Brownell, Daniel Wing, Selectmen.

Bristol S. S. April 5: 1830. By virtue of this warrant I have notified and warned the Inhabitants of Westport as within directed by posting up one notice at F. Brownell’s store one at Abner B. Gifford’s store and one at the Point 14 days prior to the date hereof.

Signed George C. Brownell constable of Westport.

At the legal meeting of the Inhabitants of Westport qualified according to Law. Assembled at the town house in said town on Monday the fifth day of April at nine o’clock in the forenoon for the purposes contained in the foregoing warrant. The following officers were chosen. votes passed, viz..

Nathan C. Brownell Esq. moderator.

Frederick Brownell, town clerk and sworn.

Frederick Brownell, town treasurer.

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1830 page 34.

Frederick Brownell, Christopher Palmer, George C. Brownell, Selectmen and Sworn

Frederick Brownell, Christopher Palmer, George C. Brownell, Assessors and Sworn.

Adam Gifford, Thomas W. Mayhew, Pardon Kirby, Committee on accounts.

Thomas W. Wood, Joshua Wodell, George Lawton, George U. Brownell, Ebenezer Baker, Holder Borden, Isaac Gifford, Abner Davis, John Dyer Jr., Jonathan Brownell, Abraham Manchester, Joshua W. Gifford, Nicolas Little, Peleg W. Peckham, John Potter,EphraimGifford, Daniel Wing, Obadiah Lawton, Charles Gifford, Christopher Palmer, Abner Mosher, Restiome

Borden, David U. Brownell, Henry Gifford, and Isaac W. Brownell. Sworn.

Abraham Brownell, William White 2nd., Surveyors of Highways.

$1000. Voted. That the sum of 1000 dollars be raised for replacing Highways and town ways in the town of Westport the year ensuing, to be assessed on the polls and estates of the inhabitants as other taxes are assessed and that the Assessors assess the same as soon as may be and deliver the list of the persons names and of the sum they are assessed to each Surveyor of his limits according to law. That 75 cents be to allowed by the surveyors for a day’s work of a man or yoke of oxen and in that proportion for parts of days. That 25 cents tbe allowed for a cart or plow one-day, and that the aforesaid sum be expended 1/2 by the first day of July and the other half by the first day of September next. Whenever the Surveyor of any District shall make known to the Selectmen that he has faithfully expended all the tax assessed in his district and the highway is not sufficiently repaired, the Selectmen shall determine the additional sum he may expand on said way and he may draw orders on the Treasurer for the amount so determined by the Selectmen (in writing) .

Voted. That nine hours be a day,s work on the Highway.

Voted. That reading the law be dispensed with.

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1830 page 35.

Horatio L. Danforth had 77 votes

John S. Russell had 19 votes

Cornelius Grinnell Jr. had one vote, for County Treasurer.

Voted. That the ninth article in the warrant the dispensed with.

Abner B. Gifford Esq., Nathan C. Brownell Esq. and Anselm Bassett Esq., chosen a committee to carry the resolve of the Legislature requiring Towns to make surveys of their Territories into effect.

$350. Voted that the sum of eight hundred and fifty dollars be raised by way of tax for the support of schools the year ensuing. That one hundred and fifty dollars of said sum be apportioned among the several School Districts that shall have school for thererin previous to the first day of November next. That the remaining seven hunderd dollars be apportioned among the several districts that shall have schools taugth therein at least three months of 24 days each by male teachers recommended by the the General School Committee. That the selectmen in both cases divide the money among the several districts that have schools as aforesaid as they shall think most equitable for the Summer Schools by the first day of November next and for the Winter by the fifhteen day of March next and draw orders on the treasurer for the several sums in favor of the Prudential committee, said Prudential committee shall make returns to the Selectmen by that time.

Voted. That this meeting be adjourned to second Monday in may next at one o’clock P.M.and to meet at that time and place.recorded by Frederick Brownell town clerk.

Make 10, 1820. Agreeable to adjournment from the first Monday in April last the Inhabitants of Westport met accordingly. The following officers were chosen and voted passed, viz.

Isaac W. Brownell pound keeper.

Abner B. Gifford, Frederick Brownell, Stephen Howland, Peleg W. Peckham, David U. Brownell, Thomas W. Mayhew, Jethro Howland, Perry Wilcox, Abner Thompson and Varnum Macomber. Surveyors of lumber.

Micah Dean, George U. Brownell, Elijah blossom, Tythingmen.

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1830 page 36

Pardon Davis, Thomas Winslow, David U. Brownell, Overseers of landing at head of East River.

John Potter, at the Point.

Daniel Brownell at head of West River.

Nathan C. Brownell, the Peleg Manchester, Wilbour Gifford, Adam Gifford, Gershom Wodell, John Potter, John Macomber, Major Allen, Humphrey Slocum, and Nathan Wood. Fence Viewers.

Jethro Howland, Micah Dean, John Howland, and Stephen Howland. Cullers of hoops and staves.

Stephen Howland. Wilbour Gifford, Benjamin Cory, Russell Gifford, John milk, Charles Little, Elijah Blossom, Nathaniel Tripp 2nd., Silas Petty, Gilbert Macomber, and Ebenezer Baker. Field Drivers.

Gideon Davis, and Jethro Howland. Cullers of Fish.

Martin Bessey, Stephen Howland, Philip Davis, Elijah Blossom, Samuel Wilcox, Wanton Macomber, Barney Hicks, Gideon Davis, Abner Wilcox, William Tripp, Arnold Wood, Isaac Francis, Jonathan Borden and Tilnghast Sowle.Hog Reeves.

Warren Gifford, Pardon Allen, Perry Brightman, David Wing, and Terry hazard .Overseers of fishery.

George C. Brownell, chosen constable and collector and sworn.

To have three percent on all money he collects and pays into the several treasurers, on condition that he does the towns business as constable gratis. And has no allowance for bad or uncurrent money.

Abner B. Gifford Esq. ,Nathan C. Brownell Esq. ,and Dr. James H. Handy. General School Committee.

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1830 page 37

Prudential Committees. District 1 Jonathan Brownell, No. 2 Jethro Gifford, 3 Benjamin Tripp,4 William

White 2nd, 5 John Howland, 6 Russell Gifford, 7 Daniel Brownell, 8 John S. Davis, 9 Isaac W. Brownell, 10 James H. Handy, 12 Emanuel Devol, 13 George C. Brownell, 14 Anselm Bassett, 15 John Stanford, 16 Levi Gifford, 17 Jonathan Davis, 18 James Reed, 19 Allen Tripp.

Voted. That no oysters be taken from the beds the year ensuing without a permit from the Major part of the selectmen in writing. Stating the quantity, and that the selectmen grant no permits except in cases of sickness.

Voted. That Anselm Bassett Esq. be an agent to answer to all indictments against the Town the year ensuing.

The committee on accounts made a report in writing that they have attended to the business assigned them and had found due to the several persons named in the list presented by them, the several sums set against their names amounting in the whole to the sum of $2168.50.

It was thereupon voted to accept the report and the Treasurer was directedto pay the sums found due by the Committee to the several persons therein named and charge the same against the town. The committee also made report that agreeable to their appointment they had examined the accounts of the treasurer and found that he had received for town the year passed the sum of $2344.43.

And had paid out 2258.44.

Leaving a balance in favour of the town of $ 85.97.

And made a settlement with him accordingly.

The committee further reported that the town is now indebted to sundry persons on notes

and orders $1102.43.

That there is in the collector’s hand for treasurer