Town records of 1821

1822 50

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kind there is and in whose hands it is, and report the same to the next town meeting. Also to defend all suits and complaints that may be brought against the Town.

VOTED to adjourn this meeting to the last Saturday in August

AT A LEGAL MEETING [to draw jurors held at F. Brownell’s house August 28,18211 Jonathan Davis and Ephraim Thompson drawn traverse jurors for C.C.C.Pleas to be holden at Taunton in September

AT A LEGAL MEETING [to draw jurors held at Brownell’s house November 22, 18211 John Macomber and Humphrey Slocum drawn traverse jurors to serve at the C.C.C.Pleas to be holden at Taunton in December next

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TO NICHOLAS LITTLE, CONSTABLE, GREETING. [warrant for special town meeting, held November 22, 1821 [Article # 2] “to see if the Town will pay the expences of a suit heretofore commenced by Jonathan Borden against Adam Gifford for the recovery of land sold for the nonpayment of taxes, without the additional expense of another suit.”]

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AT A LEGAL MEETING of the inhabitants of Westport … assembled … on the 22 day of November, A.D. 1821 … for the purpose contained in the foregoing warrant.

Abner B. Gifford, Esq, was chosen moderator.

On the second Article in the warrant it was VOTED that the Town pay Adam Gifford the sum of two hundred and sixty five dollars, being the amount of expences, mentioned in the warrant.

VOTED that this meeting be adjourned without day.