Town records of 1818

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informed that we have assessed on the polls & estates of the inhabitants of said district one hundred and fifty one dollars & forty four cents and have delivered lists thereof to Nicholas Little, Collector, with directions to collect the same & pay to you as Treasurer on or before the last day of March next for the use of said district. Westport, Jan. 28, 1818. The Assessors

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TO NICHOLAS LITTLE, CONSTABLE, GREETING. You are hereby required in the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to warn the male inhabitants of the said Town of Westport of twenty one years of age and upwards having a freehold estate within the Commonwealth of the annual income of ten dollars or any estate to the value of two hundred dollars, to meet at the Town House [on April 6, 1818 to vote for state officials]

AT A LEGAL MEETING [on April 6,1818 according to foregoing warrant]

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VOTES for the following persons were given in, sorted, counted, recorded and declaration thereof made as by the Constitution is directed, viz.

For Governor: John Brook, 157 votes; Benjamin W. Crowninshield, 28 votes For Lt. Gov: William Phillips, 157 votes; Thomas Kittredge, 28 votes

1818 32

For Senators: James Howland, Jr., 157 votes; John Williams, 157 votes; William Wood, 28 votes; Solomon Pratt, 28 votes.

Recorded by me, Frederick Brownell, Town Clerk

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TO NICHOLAS LITTLE, CONSTABLE, GREETING. [warrant for annual town meeting to be held on April 6, 1818]

1 . To choose a moderator of said meeting 2. To choose all such Town officers

3. To choose a Committe to receive and examine all accounts brought against said Town

and also to settle with the Town Treasurer

4. To know the minds of the Town in regard to providing a suitable House for a Work House and fixing proper regulations and appointing an overseer or master to carry them into effect

5. To know the Town’s mind on the expediency of dividing the third school district and adding and attaching the same to the second and fourth district if it should appear to the Town to be conducive to the essential inter of each district

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6. To determine what sum to raise by way of tax for the support of the poor and schools

and other incidental charges

7. To determine what sum shall be expended in the repair of highways

8. To devise the best method for the support of paupers

9. To choose such other committees or agents as circumstances may render expedient

10. To give in their votes for a County Treasurer

Hereof fail not, and make return of this warrant and of your doing, thereon unto the Selectmen on or before the said day. Given under our hands and seals this twentieth day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & Eighteen. A.D. 1818

Daniel Wing, Wilbur’Gifford, Peleg Sisson, Selectmen of Westport

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AT A LEGAL MEETING [held April 6, A.D. 1818 in the Town House]

Abner Brownell, Esq. chosen moderator, votes 17

Votes for Town Clerk, whole number is 207; necessary to make a choice 104; Frederick Brownell had 110 & is chosen. He is also chosen Treasurer for the year ensuing and to have no compensation for his services from the Town as Treasurer or Clerk for the year ensuing.

Recorded by me, Abner B. Gifford, Town Clerk

Peleg Sisson, Daniel Wing & Wilbur Gifford chosen Selectmen

Daniel Wing, Benjamin B. Sisson, John Macomber chosen Assessors

Barney Hicks, William White, Jr., Sylvester Brownell chosen a Committee on Accounts

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Surveyors of Highways: Christopher Cornell, Ichabod Potter, Elijah Blossom, Peter Davol, William White, Jr., Ebenezer Baker, Abner Wilcox, Isaac Gifford, Peter Davis, Henry Snell,

1818 33

William Kirby, John Dyer, Jr., Peter Davol, John Howland, Samuel Borden, Lawton Case, Daniel Gifford, Wing Howland, Adam Gifford, Ezekiel Brownell, Jr., George Kirby, Christopher Cornell, Jr., Edward Brownell, Ephraim Macomber, Abraham Kirby, John Cornell, Jr., William Gifford.

A Committee to calculate the probable expense of supporting the poor in a work house, etc: Peleg Sisson, Abner Brownell, Barney Hicks

VOTED that said Committee be directed to ascertain the number and names of those paupers who are now on expence and who are likely to become so by idleness, dissoluteness or intemperance & who in their opinion ought to be sent to, and employed in such an house. The number of apartments & what kind of employment will be most beneficial, what regulations will be proper & necessary to be adopted & when & where the aforesaid shall be carried into operation and to report at the adjournment of this meeting.

VOTED that the meeting which was adjourned to this day respecting the division of the County of Bristol or forming a new County comprizing such towns as may find their convenience and interest leading thereto be discontinued & no further proceeding had thereon.

VOTED that the Committee on Accounts be directed to receive from Abner B. Gifford, late Town Clerk for Westport, the Town’s property that was placed in his hands and deliver the same to Frederick Brownell the present Clerk, they producing the Receipt which A. B. Gifford gave, & take a receipt for the same of the present Clerk.

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Samuel Crocker Esq. had seventy two votes for County Treasurer

VOTED to raise $1000 for repairs of highways & town ways in the Town of Westport

VOTED that seventy five cents be allowed by the Surveyors for a day’s work of a man or a pair of oxen and in that proportion for parts of day’s work, and that twenty five cents be allowed for the use of a cart or plow one day.

VOTED that this meeting be adjourned to the second Monday in May next at one oclock P.M. & was adjourned accordingly. Recorded by me, Frederick Brownell, Town Clerk

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TO NICHOLAS LITTLE, CONSTABLE/ GREETING. [warrant for meeting to select representatives to General Court on May 11, 18181

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AT A LEGAL MEETING [held on May 11, 1818 according to preceding warrant]

Sylvester Brownell received 32 votes and Abner B. Gifford, 26 votes; Brownell was chosen, having received a majority of votes.

AGREEABLE TO ADJOURNMENT FROM THE FIRST MONDAY IN APRIL, the inhabitants of Westport met accordingly.

The following officers were chosen, viz.

Pound Keeper: Nathaniel Kirby, Jr.

Constable & Collector of Taxes: Nicholas Little was chosen and to have 1.4 per cent for all the money he collects and pays into the several Treasurers, and to do the business for the Town as Constable without any compensation from the Town.

Sealer of Weights & Measurers: William Gifford

1818 34

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Surveyors of Lumber: Abner B. Gifford, Stephen Howland, Micah Dean, Frederick Brownell

Tythingmen: Thomas Allen, tailor, Adam Gifford, Abner Gifford, William Brownell, Jerathmael White, Paul Gifford, Weston Potter, Peleg Gifford, Benjamin Sowle, George Gifford, Thomas Winslow, David Sanford

Overseers of Landing, Head of River: Lemuel Milk, John Anthony, John Howland

Fence Viewers: George Gifford, Jonathan Davis, Abraham Cornell, Sylvester Brownell, Christopher Cornell, Nathan C. Brownell, Edmund Tripp, John Dyer, Wilbur Gifford

Cullers of Hoops & Staves: Jethro Howland, George Brownell

Sealers of Leather: Preserved Shearman, Daniel Brownell

Cullers of Fish: Jethro Howland, Gideon Davis

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Field Drivers: Phillip Davis, Jr., Stephen Cornell, Wilbur Gifford, George Kirby, Benjamin Cory, Isaiah Kirby, Russell Gifford, John Milk, William Brownell, Nicholas Gifford, Charles Little, Benjamin Wordell

Hog Reeves: Ephraim Macomber, Phillip Davis, Jr., Wilbur Gifford, John Lawrence, Lawton Manchester, Phillip Davis, John Wordell, Ansehn Bassett, Esq., Abner B. Gifford, Esq.

Overseers of Fishery: Capt. Abner Gifford, Gideon Palmer, Daniel Gifford, Henry Brightman, Samuel Wilcox, Perry Gifford

VOTED that the sum of two thousand dollars be raised by way of tax … for the support of the poor, school, and other incidental charges….

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VOTED that the Selectmen of the Town of Westport be Overseers of the Poor and that they procure a house for them and agree with a Master, and that they provide for the poor (untill they provide a House) in the way and manner they think most beneficial to the Town.

VOTED that Doct. Thomas Richmond have thirty dollars for doctoring the paupers of the Town of Westport the year ensuing, to fumish medicine and attend when the Overseers think necessary.

The Committee on Accounts made a report in writing that they had attended the business assigned them and that they had allowed to the several persons named on the list presented by them, the several sums set against their respective names amounting in the whole to the sum of fifteen hundred sixty one dollars, seventy five cents. $1561.75. It was therefore voted to accept the report and the Treasurer is direct to pay the several sums thus allowed …..

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The Committee also report that agreeable to their appointment they made a settlement with the Town Treasurer and found that he had received for the Town the year past the sum of $1945.69 and had paid out as by his accounts $1945.69, making an even ballance, and they made a settlement with him accordingly. The Committee further report that there was by the report of the Committee the last year a ballance against the Town between the sums assessed on the Town the year past, and the Accounts that had been allowed against the Town, the amount of $621.97,

1819 35

and that there had been assessed on the inhabitants the year past, as by report this day presented, $2071.57, leaving a ballance against the Town, the sum of $112.15

Respectfully submitted, Barney Hicks & Sylvester Brownell, Town Committee on Accounts

VOTED to adjourn this meeting to the last Monday in August next. Recorded by me, Frederick Brownell, Town Clerk

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TO NICHOLAS LITTLE, CONSTABLE, GREETING. [warrant to assemble to vote for representative to Congress of the United States for Bristol District on November 2, 18181

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AT A LEGAL MEETING [held November 2,1818 for purpose mentioned in preceding warrant]

VOTES for the following persons were given in, sorted, and counted and record and declaration thereof made as by law is directed, viz. For Francis Baylies, Esq., 87 votes, for Marcus Morton, Esq., seven votes.

FOR FREDERICK BROWNELL, TOWN CLERK OF WESTPORT. This will inform you that the subscribers, Assessors of said Town, have determined the property of Stephen Brownell, Sr., Stephen Brownell, Jr., Betsey Church, widow, Sylvester Gifford, of Little Compton, Stephen Crandell, Ebenezer Crandell, Constant Hart, Peleg Simmons, Ephraim Sanford, Restcome Sanford, Isaac Taber & Jeremiah Taber’s heirs of Tiverton, shall be taxed in school district No. 9 and you will record the same agreeable to law. Daniel Wing & John Macomber, Assessors of Westport, October 1, 1818. Recorded by me, Frederick Brownell, Town Clerk