Town records 1809

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AT A MEETING [held March 4,1809 at home of William White 2 to select jurors] Ebenezer Allen 2 chosen Grand juror and David Sisson drawn as Petit juror of Court of Common Pleas.

On the 13th day of March AD 1809 Roger White personally appeared and took the oath required by law to qualify him to execute the duties of constable and collector for the town of Westport, before me William White 2, Town Clerk, and at the same time entered into bonds with surety for the faithful performance of the trust reposed in him.

1809 93

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TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETING [warrant for town meeting for April 3,1809; usual articles; different is article to require voters to “subscribe his name on the back of his vote, at any time when ten or more request [it], issued by Abner Brownell and Roger White, select men.]

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AT A LEGAL MEETING [held April 3, 1809 on foregoing warrant]

Abner Brownell chosen moderator; William White 2 chosen Town Clerk; Abner Brownell, Lemuel Milk & Roger White chosen select men; Elijah Gifford 2, Wesson Tripp and Nathan Tripp chosen assessors; William White 2 chosen town treasurer and to receive 1 1/4% on the money he shall receive into the treasury; John Mosher, Lemuel Milk and Nathaniel Kirby, blacksmith, chosen a committee on accounts; Nathaniel Kirby chosen pound keeper;

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Peter Macomber, Richard Gifford, Abner Potter, Isaac Pettey, Gershom Wodel, Jerathmel White, Abner Wilcox, Ebenezer Baker, Samuel Slade, Pardon Kirby, Benjamin Brownell, John Davis, Sylvester Brownell 2, Zacheus Dyer, George Lawton, David Sanford, Elery Manchester, Jonathan Tripp, John Fisher, Jabez Howland, Lemuel Milk, job Gifford, Warren Gifford, son of Merriam, Luthan White chosen surveyor of highways; Thomas Cornell, Bradford Richmond, Christopher Cornell, Benjan-dn Brownell, Benjamin Brownell 2, Sylvester Brownell 2, Jonathan Tripp, Edmond Tripp & Wilber Gifford chosen fence viewers.

VOTED to adjourn this meeting to the second monday of May next which will be the 8th day of said month at one of the clock in the afternoon then to meet at this place and it was adjourned accordingly. Recorded by me William White 2, Town Clerk

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TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETING [warrant to meet April 3,1809 to elect state and county officials]

AT A LEGAL MEETING [held April 3, 1809 according to warrant above]

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Christopher Gore received 199 votes & Levi Lincoln 25 votes for governor; David Cobb received 199 votes and Joseph Vernurn 25 votes for Lt. governor; Samuel Fales received 194 votes, Edward Pope 195 votes, Nathaniel Morton Jr. 23 votes and David Perry 23 votes for Senators & Counsellors and Samuel Crocker received 163 votes for county treasurer.

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1809 94

AT A MEETING [held May 1, 1809 in home of Levi Standish to draw jurors] Isaac Brownell was drawn to serve on petit jury of Supreme Judicial Court to be held at Taunton.

TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETING [warrant to meet May 8,1809 to select representative to the General Courtfl

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AT A LEGAL MEETING [held May 8,18091 Sylvester Brownell had 60 votes and Abner Brownell had 57 votes and declaration was made thereof by the select men.

AT A MEETING [continuation on May 8,1809 of adjoured annual meeting I

Pardon Kirby, John Fisher & Warren Gifford were chosen surveyor of highway; Wilbur Gifford, Benjamin Brownell & Benjamin Brownell 2 chosen fence viewers; Jeremiah Willcox, Edward Manchester, Benjamin Cory, Jonathan Tripp, Joshua Potter, Wesson Potter, Nathan Lyon & John Gifford 2 chosen field drivers;

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Adam Gifford chosen constable & collector of taxes and to have 2 1/2 %; Abner Gifford chosen sealer of weights & measures; Levi Standish, George Brownell, John Anthony, Daniel Howland, Nicholas Davis & Pardon Allen chosen surveyors of lumber and corders and measurers of wood; George Brownell & Zoeth Howland chosen cullers of hoops and staves; Peleg Wood & Preserved Shearman chosen sealers of leather; Zoeth Howland chosen culler of dry fish; Hiram Sowle & Abner Devol chosen tythingmen; Roger White, Gideon Davis, Wanton Macomber, Thomas Cornell, Nathan Lyon, Ichabod Potter 2, Wesson Potter, Jonathan Tripp & Daniel Brownell chosen hog reeves; Gideon Palmer, Daniel Gifford, Jeremiah Willcox, Samuel Willcox & Perry Gifford chosen overseers of the fishery;

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VOTED that the manner of providing for the poor belonging to this town be by vendueing unless in instances where the selectmen shall think it best to provide otherways …. having regard to their comfortable support & maintenance.

VOTED that the sum of $800 be raised by way of tax … for the support of the poor & schools & others expences….

VOTED that the sum of $125 dollars be appropriated for the support of schools [to be apportioned to districts according to number of scholars and number of school days and whether teacher is male or female, males to receive double for same number of students and teaching days.]

VOTED that for the amending and repairing the highways and townways in the town … the year ensuing the sum of $1000 be assessed….

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VOTED that $.75 be allowed for a day’s work of a man or pair of oxen and that $.25 be allowed for the day’s use of a cart or plow.

VOTED that one half of the above sum be expended by July first and one half by

1809 95

September first.

VOTED that roads [blocked by snow be handled as in earlier years]

THE COMMITTEE ON ACCOUNTS allowed accounts totalling $962.62….

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The committee also settled with the town treasurer who had received $602.01 and paid out $581.87, leaving balance for past year of $20-14.

The committee appointed by the town of Westport on the seventh day of November last past by request of Capt Benjamin Willcox to appraise the right of dower of Martha Allen, widow, in the homstead farm bought of George Allen by said Willcox, from the time of his purchase or March 25, 1808 to the time of said widow’s decease, they report in writing that said widow’s right in said land for said term that they appraised the same at thirty six dollars & sixty six cents. By Lemuel Milk, George Lawton & Roger White. It was thereupon VOTED to accept said report.

VOTED to adjourn until August twenty six. Recorded by me William White 2, Town Clerk

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AT A MEETING [held May 27 AD 1809 to select jurors] George Lawton 2 and Cook Howland was drawn to serve on petit jury at Court of Common Pleas.

AT A MEETING [held August 26, 1809 to continue adjourned town meeting]

Roger White chosen agent for the town unto the Supreme Judicial Court to be holden at Taunton on the second Tuesday of October next, and at the Courts of Common Pleas during the year.

AT A MEETING [held August 26, 1809 to select jurors] Thomas Wodel was drawn to serve on petit jury at the Court of Common Pleas.

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AT A MEETING [held October 2,1809 to select jurors] Abner Devol was drawn as a grand juror and Abiel Davis & Josiah Brownell as petit jurors for the Supreme Judicial Court

AT A MEETING [held December 5,1809 to select jurors] Edward Wing & Samuel Willcox was drawn as petit jurors for Court of Common Pleas.