Town records 1807

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TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETING [warrant for town meeting to elect state and county officers on April 6, AD 18071

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AT A LEGAL MEETING [held April 6,1807 according to foregoing warrant)

His Excellency Caleb Strong had 92 votes and The Honorable James Sullivan had 45 votes for governor; Edward Robbins had 91 votes & Levi Lincoln had 45 votes for Lt. Governor; Nathaniel Morton 2 had 45 votes, David Perry 2 had 45 votes, Samuel Tobey had 72 votes & Samuel Fales had 72 votes for Senators & Counsellors; and Samuel Crocker had 53 votes for country Treasurer.

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TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETING [warrant for annual town meeting to be held April 6, 1807, for usual purposes; new articles: #10 – to know if the town will take any measures relating to any of the town’s property in possession of or occupied by others]

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AT A TOWN MEETING [held April 6,1807 on foregoing warrant]

William Almy was chosen Moderator; William Almy was chosen Town Clerk; Jonathan Peckham, Roger White and William Almy was chosen select men; William Almy was chosen town treasurer and to receive 1 1/4%

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Voted to choose three assessors, and Elijah Gifford 2, William White 2 and Wesson Tripp was chosen; Lemuel Milk, William White 2 and George Lawton were chosen a committee on accounts; Nathaniel Kirby chosen pound keeper; Peter Macomber, Richard Gifford, Abner Potter, Holder White, Thomas Tripp, Daniel Gifford, Lemuel Milk, Barjona Devol, Jonathan Tripp, Isaiah Burden, Stephen Cornell 2, David Sisson, Ebenezer Allen 2, Ebenezer Baker, Jonathan Peckham, Wesson Kirby, Benjamin Brownell, John Davis, Nathaniel

1807 87

Brownell/ John Dyer, George Lawton, David Sanford, Benjamin Cory & Isaac Brownell were chosen surveyors of highways; William White 2 appointed sealer of weights and measures.

VOTED the sum of $1000 for repairing and amending highways.

VOTED the seventy five cents be allowed for a day’s work for a man or a pair of oxen and that twenty five cents be allowed for use of cart or plow

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VOTED that surveyors will assign persons in their lin-dts to tread down or remove

snow. Voted to adjourn until May 4, 1807

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TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETING [warrant to select, on May 4,1807, town representative to General Court] AT A TOWN MEETING [held May 4,1807, agreeable to foregoing warrant]

William Almy received 22 votes for town’s representative to General Court

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AT A TOWN MEETING [held May 4,1807 as continuation of adjourned town meeting]

Roger White chosen constable and collector of taxes to have 3%; Thomas Cornell, Bradford Richmond, Christopher Cornell, Benjamin Brownell, Benjamin Brownell 2, Silvester Brownell Jonathan Tripp, Edmond Tripp, George Allen and Wilber Gifford were chosen fence viewers; Jeren-dah Willcox, Wesson Tripp, Josiah Brownell, Jeremiah Devol, William White 2, Wanton Macomber, Edward Wing, George Brownell, Edmond Tripp were chosen field drivers; John Crowell, Peter Macomber, Barjona Devol, Peleg Sisson chosen surveyors of lumber, boards, plank timer & slit work and surveyors of shingles and clapboards; Barjona Devol, John Crowell, Peleg Potter, Daniel Tripp and Elijah Potter were chosen measurers and corders of wood;

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Barjona Devol and George Brownell and Jethro Howland chosen cullers of hoops and staves; Preserved Shearman and Peleg Wood were chosen sealers of leather; Christopher Cornell was chosen a culler of Dry fish; Wanton Macomber, job Snell and Thomas Allen chosen tythingmen; Benjamin Woodle, John Wate, George Brownell, William Macomber, Pardon Allen, Pardon Kirby chosen hog reeves; Gideon Palmer, Daniel Gifford, Jeremiah Willcox, Samuel Willcox and Perry Gifford chosen overseers of the fishery; Jonathan Peckham and Lemuel Milk chosen a Committee to settle with Nathaniel Tripp his demands against the town for keeping Joseph Peckham and the treasurer is directed to pay to the said Nathaniel Tripp the sum that said committee shall certify to be dued to said Tripp and charge the same to the town accordingly; Jonathan Peckham was chosen a committee to take care of the bridge across the head of the east branch of Acoaxet River and requested to cause the same to be repaired as often as in his opinion is necessary, and to lay his accounts before the committee on accounts for their examination & allowance;

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1807 88

VOTED the sum of $125 for support of schools, to be apportioned as to the number of days schools shall have scholars, “the schools kept by mistresses to have one half the sum in proportion to the … schools kept by school masters” and [the masters and mistresses] to give an account of number of days of schooling to select men before April 1st.

VOTED to [continue caring for poor by venuing]

VOTED that select men shall “approbate only four persons for inn keepers and retailers” in the manner they were the last year, “with the addition of one at the harbour if requested” and that the other approbations given by them for licences be only for retailing licences.

COMMITTEE ON ACCOUNTS $650.75 allowed. VOTED to accept report and direct treasurer to pay allowed accounts. Also settled with town treasurer

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who had received $629.28 and paid out $649.37, leaving town owning $20.29, and they settled with him accordingly.

VOTED the sum of $700 be raised by tax for support of poor & schools and other expenses for year ensuing.

Also the select men presented a list of persons qualified to serve as jurors and the town did select out one third part of the number laid before them and VOTED to have them put in one of the boxes there to be liable to be drawn out to serve on the several juries: the petit and grand juries at the supreme judicial court and at the Court of general sessions of the peace; and the town did select one half of the remainder of said list and VOTED to have them put into the other box, there to be liable to be drawn out to serve on the several juries: Courts of Common Pleas and General Sessions of the Peace.

VOTED to adjourn to August 29,1807.

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VOTED that the select men approbate Isaac Howland for an innkeeper in addition to the number before directed.

VOTED to adjourn to last saturday in September next.

AT A TOWN MEETING [held August 29,1807 to draw two men to serve on the petit jury at the Court of Common pleas] Humphrey Allen and Samuel Slade were drawn.

AT A TOWN MEETING [held September 29, AD 1807 to select men for grand and petit jury at the Supreme Court) Jerathmel White and Richard Gifford was drawn

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TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETING [warrant issued November 17,1807 by William Almy and Jonathan Peckham, select men, for special town meeting to be held on November 28th, 1807 to choose a Town Clerk and Treasurer, to appoint a committee to settle with the Treasurer, and to receive from him the town’s account books]

AT A TOWN MEETING [held November 28, AD 1807 according to foregoing warrant]

1807 89

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William White 2 was chosen Town Clerk and Town Treasurer and to receive 1 1/4% on the money he shall pay into the treasury; the present committee on accounts were appointed to settle with the Treasurer and to receive the town’s books and other property in the hands of the present clerk and treasurer [William Almy, who is moving out of Town, or so were his reasons for resigning his position as Clerk and Treasurer.]

AT A TOWN MEETING legally warned and held at the house of William Almy Esq in Westport on Friday the 4th day of December AD 1807 for the purpose of drawing two men to serve on the Petty Jury at the Court of Common Pleas next to be holden at Taunton the Monday next Preceeding the Second Tuesday of December next, William Reckords and Isaac Cory 2 were drawn to serve as afforesaid.