Town records 1805

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AT A MEETING [held April 1, AD 1805 to select state and county officers] Caleb Strong had 106 votes & James Sullivan Esq had 54 votes for governor; Edward Robbins had 106 votes and William Heath, Esq had 54 votes for Lt. Governor; Josiah Dean had 47 votes, Nathaniel Morton Jr. had 47 votes, Stephen Bullock had 68 votes and Samuel Tobey had 68 votes for senators & counsellors and Samuel Crocker had 46 votes for county treasurer.

AT A TOWN MEETING [held April 1, 1805 for jury selection] John Davis was drawn for Grand Jury and Ebenezer Baker for the Petty Jury of the ourt of Common Pleas –

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AT A MEETING [April 1, 1805] to act on the following articles: [usual articles #145; the new business is:] 6. to know the town’s mind in regard to granting a priviledge to a number of inhabitants to build a wharf in the river opposite the town’s landing at the Point. 7. to do what shall appear best in regard to regulating creatures going at large in highways and commons. 8. to choose an agent to represent that situation of the highway between this town and Dartmouth at the Court of General Sessions 9. to know the town’s mind in regard to granting a priviledge to Benjamin Davis and son to build a pier or wharf a little west of the wharf they now own at the point. Warrant dated March 9, 1805 from Silvester Brownell & John Mosher, selectmen.

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TOWN OFFICERS selected: Moderator, Town Clerk & Treasurer: William Almy Select men: William Almy, Jonathan Peckham, Roger White Assessors of rates: Thomas Woodle, Roger White and Barney Hicks Committee on accounts: Nathaniel Kirby, John Mosher & Peleg Sisson Pound keeper: Nathaniel Kirby

1805 77

Surveyors of highways: Peter Macomber, Abner Potter, Jonathan White, Gardner White Wilber Gifford, George Lawton, William Milk, Barjona Devol, David Sanford, Wesson Macomber, Elkanah Woodle, William White 2, William Sisson, Joseph Wing, Ebenezer Baker, Henry Tibbits, Silvester Brownell, Peter Devol, John Dyer, Philip Taber, Benjamin Brownell, William Kirby, Wesson Kirby Fence viewers: Thomas Cornell, Bradford Richmond, Christopher Cornell, Benjarrdn Brownell, Benjamin Brownell 2, Silvester Brownell & Jonathan Tripp

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Field drivers: Jeremiah Willcox, Wesson Tripp, Josiah Brownell, Hiram Sowle, Jeremiah Devol, Nathan Lyon, William White 2, Wanton Macomber, Edward Wing, George Brownell, Edmond Tripp

VOTED that the sum of one thousand dollars be assessed on the polls and estates … and the sums delivered to each surveyor for his limits for amending and keeping in repair the highways

VOTED that seventy five cents be allowed for one day’s work or use of a pair of oxen and twsenty five cents be allowed for the use of a cart or plow one day

VOTED Abner Brownell Esq chosen agent for representing the town in regard to highway between it and Dartmouth before Court of General Sessions

VOTED that Benjamin Davis and son have the priviledge to build a pier or wharf a little to the west of the wharf they now own and on the west side of the little channell leading up the west side of said wharf.

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On the sixth article, VOTED that a committee of three be chosen to view said landing and report to this town whether in their opinion it is expedient to grant the request of said inhabitants and if expedient to report in writing the place and such other facts as they shall think necessary to give the town information on the subject and make a report of their doings at the adjournment of this meeting in May next. and Robert Earl Esq, Capt. Barney Hicks & Mr. Humphry Macomber was chosen a committee for the purposes afforesaid.

VOTED to adjourn until May 13th next, and did so. Wrn Almy, T. Clerk


Barney Hicks was excused by vote from serving as an assessor of rates for year ensuing.

Benjamin Cory was chosen assessor in his stead

Roger White refusing to serve as an assessor, Jeremiah Willcox was chosen to serve in his stead.

Roger White was chosen constable & collector of rates and to have 3% upon the money he shall collect and pay in to the several treasuries

Capt. Philip Taber was excused from serving as a surveyor of highways and Benjamin Cory was chosen in his stead.

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John Crowell, Peter Macomber & Barjona. Devol chosen surveyors of boards, plank

1805 78

timber & slit work and surveyors of lumber, shingles & clapboards

Barjona Devol, John Crowell, Peleg Potter, Daniel Tripp & Elijah Potter chosen corders & measurers of wood

Barjona Devol, George Brownell 2 & Jethro Howland chosen cullers of hoops & staves

Thomas Briggs & Preserved Sherman chosen sealers of leather

Christopher Cornell chosen culler of dry fish

Wanton Macomber, William Gifford, son of Recompense, George Gifford, son of Benjamin, & Prince Howland chosen tythingmen

Wanton Macomber, Barney Cory, Gideon Davis & Nathan Lyon chosen hog reeves

John Palmer, George Brownell, cooper, William Gifford, Job Almy, Samuel Willcox 2, John Kirby, Jeremiah Willcox chosen committee on fishery

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VOTED that when any of the highways or town ways are blocked up or incumbered with snow, the surveyors of such highways or town ways shall assign to the several persons in his limits their proportion of days work and team, if necessary, according to his real & personal estate, as near as he can, and shall assign a time for the purpose of removing or treading down the snow, in the same manner as highways are repaired in towns who neglect to vote or agree upon a sum of money for the purpose of repairing the highways and town ways.

The committee appointed by the town at their meeting April 1 last to view the town’s landing at the point, upon the petition of [? Peter] Macomber and others, inhabitants of the town of Westport, made a report in writing that they had viewed the premisses at the point, and report as follows: that it is expedient in our opinion that the said petitioners have liberty to build a wharf opposite the town’s landing in said Westport, beginning at the southwest comer of the most southermost part of the old wharf in said landing, from thence south about seven degree, east, to a flat rock, by the edge of the channel, said wharf to be built twenty six feet in width on the east side of said line, and liberty to build a pier on the east side of said wharf adjoining the same to make said wharf fifty five feet upon the channell, upon the following conditions that said petitioners or owners of said wharf shall at all times move or cause to be moved all vessells or incumbrances, of any kind to or about said wharf, that scows & other crafts, shall have suitable and convenient passages or passways to and from said town’s landing, in every direction. Robert Earl, Barney Hicks & Humphry Macomber, committee.

VOTED to accept the report and that the same be recorded.

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VOTED that the sum of one hundred and twenty dollars be appropriated for the support of schools, to be proportioned to each school district, in the same manner, the money appropriated for schools heretofore has been expended, and that each school district is requested to return to the select men an account of the schooling within that district within the year by the first day of April next, and the select men is directed to divide the money accordingly.

The committee on accounts allowed a total of $723.02. The treasurer had received a sum of $903.34 and paid out $921.33. VOTED to pay the accounts. VOTED to raised $900 by way of tax on the polls & estates …. for the support of the poor and other expenses for the

1805 79

year ensuing. VOTED to adjourn the meeting to July 1. Wm. Almy, T. Clerk

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AT A MEETING [held May 13, 1805 to select town representative to General Court] John Mosher received 43 votes and William Almy received 42 votes and John Mosher was chosen.

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AT A MEETING [held Aug 17, 1805 to draw persons to select jurors] Isaac Macomber and Jonathan White 2 were drawn to serve as petit jurors at the Court of Common Pleas.

AT A TOWN MEETING [held Oct 2,1805 to draw a person for grand jury] Benjamin Willcox was drawn for Grand Jury and John Howland for Petty Jury

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TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETINGS [warrant, dated September 28,1805, from select men for town meeting to be held Oct 2, 180511. to choose a collector to finish collecting what Benjamin Brownell 2, “a deficient collector”, did not; 2. to determine whether to take action because “said constable” neglected to pay in taxes; 3. to know whether the town will take measures or give any directions relating to the executions now in the hands of the sheriff and coroner against said constable for the sums deficient on said taxes. Wm Almy & Jonathan Peckham, select men.

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AT A TOWN MEETING [held October 2, AD 18051

William Almy chosen moderator.

Roger White was chosen collector to finish the collection of the sums that remains uncollected on the tax bills committed to Benjamin Brownell 2 for the year 1804 (a deficient collector) and is to be paid by the four four and 1/2 % on the money he shall collect and pay into the town treasury, he to give bonds etc.

Voted not to act on the second and third articles in said warrant. Recorded by Wm. Almy, T. Clerk

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TO ROGER WHITE, CONSTABLE, GREETINGS [warrant, dated November 2,1805 from select men Wrn Almy & Jonathan Peckham] 1. to know the town’s mind whether they will take any measures relating to the execution now in the hands of the sheriff against the collector of taxes for the town of Westport for the year 1804 for the sum that remains unpaid by said collector of the state tax for said year or otherwise to act thereon as they shall think proper. 2. To know the town’s mind whether they will give any directions to the town treasurer or coroner relating to the execution now in the hands of the coroner against said collector or take any other measures relating to said execution for the sum due on the town tax for said year 1804.

1806 80

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AT A TOWN MEETING [held November 2,18051

William Almy chosen moderator.

Voted, that the town of Westport will raise by way of tax on said town, the sum of five hundred and seventy two dollars for the purpose of paying the sum that remains unpaid of this town’s proportion of the commonwealth tax for the year 1804 and expenses that have accrued thereon, which tax was committed to Benjamin Brownell 2 to collect and remains unpaid to the commonwealth’s treasurer. Assessors will assess the sum ($572) & collector will pay to commonwealth.

Voted that the coroner be directed to return the execution, now in his hands, against Benjamin Brownell 2 for the sum unpaid on the town tax for the year 1804 not satisfied, and the town treasurer is hereby directed not to issue an alias execution untill the town shall direct him so to do. This meeting was adjourned without day.