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There is a palpable sense of place as soon as you enter Westport’s borders. Whether Westport has been your home for many generations, an adopted home, summer home, or a wished-for future home, we know that many of you experience this feeling of homecoming. As we ask you to renew your membership, please consider the role that the Historical Society plays in strengthening your connection to Westport. Our mission is not only to preserve the physical structure of buildings and artifacts, but to interpret the local lore, memories and stories that abound within these places. Increasingly, our role has become one of strengthening a sense of place through exceptional educational programs for all of our members with a special focus on creative experiences for younger audiences and local school children. We see our success in the overwhelming attendance at our programs and the ever-widening circles of virtual and real visitors. This year, I ask you to renew your membership and help transform this popularity into financial support.

Our programs this year offer a myriad of Westport experiences:

  • Entertain the kids and grandkids (and parents and grandparents too!) with Westport Summer Passport, Handy House Backpack Adventures, and Discovery House. Meet the “Wonderfully Wicked Witch” this Halloween at the Handy House.
  • Meet local traditional craftspeople at our annual Artisan Fair.
  • Explore the history of Westport Harbor at our August Harbor Pop-Up Museum.
  • View for the first time an exceptional collection of 19th century clothing on display at the Handy House.
  • Discover “Hidden Histories” our mid-week encounters with the past at the Handy House in July and August.
  • Take an armchair adventure offered by our evening lecture series and experience: the trials and triumphs of restoring the Howland House, the distinctive Greek revival stone house at the Head of Westport; a visual walk down East Beach before the 1938 hurricane; a trip along Route 6; and the perilous whaling voyage of the Janet and her harrowing tale of cannibalism.
  • Or choose to participate as an education docent to introduce local school children to the Head of Westport and Westport Point.

This year, we experienced a shortfall in the response to our annual appeal. I urge you to consider renewing your membership at a higher level so that we can meet our day-to-day operating costs, and most importantly retain our streamlined staff who are the driving force behind everything that the Society achieves. You can join or renew here.

Thank you!