Cemeteries on the tour

Allen-Wilcox Cemetery, WSP.821 located at 1 Hav-a-look Lane

Offering a stunning view of the river, this small cemetery includes Allen family members (one of whom was swallowed by a whale!), Chaces, Cornells, Smiths and Wilcox family members. 

Gifford-White-Cornell Cemetery, WSP.822 located at 417 Hix Bridge Road

Located at the Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery, this cemetery includes Cornell family members, Giffords, William White and family, Jonee Sowle, and Sanford family members.

Gifford-Richmond-Mosher Cemetery, WSP.816 located at 19 Reed Road

Set in a secluded location at the Head of Westport, this cemetery includes Giffords, Moshers, and the family of Dr. Thomas Richmond.

Thompson Cemetery, WSP.896 located at 23 Reed Road 

The Thompson family lived at the Head of Westport. This small cemetery includes Alvah Thompson, Ephraim Thompson, Lucy Thompson, and Lydia Chase Thompson.

Tripp family cemetery, WSP. 836 located at 6 Fallon Drive

Threatened by development in the 1970s, this cemetery was saved by the town and members of the Tripp family. It contains about 30 burial sites, including Ebenezer Tripp, Cynthia Tripp, Otis Tripp and Sophia Tripp.

Friends Central, WSP.805 located at 930 Main Road

Located behind the Friends Meeting House on Main Road, this cemetery contains more than 100 burial sites including the graves of Paul Cuffe and his wife Alice Cuffe, Allen family members, Davis family members, Gifford family members, Macomber family members and Tripps. 

Friends North Cemetery, WSP.810 located at 19 Main Road

Located adjacent to the former Westport High School, this cemetery includes burial sites of 174 Quakers, among them members of the Chace family, Gifford family, Howland family, Macomber family, and Earle family. The Friends North Meeting House once stood near this site.

Charlotte White Cemetery, WSP.855 located at 8 Oak Ridge Lane

This cemetery tells the extraordinary story of a noted Native American healer Charlotte White and her mother Elizabeth White. Other unmarked graves may include Charlotte’s father, Zip White, who was enslaved by George White.

Brownell-Handy Cemetery, WSP.858 located at 138 Adamsville Road

Located at the historic Oscar Palmer Farm, this cemetery includes stories about Dr. Handy and his family, members of the Brownell family including Abner Brownell (Westport’s Paul Revere).


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